Unable to transfer

July 30, 2010

Well for the past 2 weeks I have been trying to concoct a plan to move my level 60 rogue over to a basic account from my main account. I figured this would be a simple process of removing an expansion from an account and then transferring. Apparently this is not the case and it is impossible to do.

The whole process started because I want to play my level 60 twink rogue in AV and not level, but Blizzard’s system won’t allow me to do that because when you turn off experience you are bumped to a whole different que to play in. Since no one is in this que you can’t do anything so this whole process is pointless to do. So the whole plan was to get my rogue to a basic account so that it would be impossible to level above level 60 and I could still play in AV like I wanted to do.

So I started off with the great plan on possibly hijacking a friends account that did not have any expansions on it. Then I realized that this wouldn’t help me at all because it was not an account in my name.

The next thing was I realized I had a dead account I haven’t used in months and just had BC on it. So I went about looking for a way to remove BC off this account and then transferring my level 60 to that account to play in AV. You are unable to remove expansions off of an account so I made a quick call (as in waiting 60 minutes to speak with someone) to Blizzard support. I told them the reasons for me wanting to remove the expansion from my account and they said that they normally can’t remove an expansion from an account unless it had only been 30 days. That account has had the expansion for over 2 years. Fortunately Stephanie at Blizzard who was a great customer service rep did some talking to some people and they were able to remove the expansion from the account. Hurray for me I got the impression I could now move my character over and reinstate the account.

So I reinstate the account the next day and get prepared to move my character over to that account. Instead of being able to move the character I get the error that it requires the WOTLK expansion to be on that account. Well that is pretty bogus in my opinion so I give another call to customer service. I receive Jennifer this time who takes a look at my account when I tell her what I am trying to do and informs me that it is impossible to do unless I fully downgrade my main account or fully upgrade my other account. The other bad news would be that I would have all my other characters locked if I did the full downgrade.

This seems absolutely silly since the character I am trying to move falls under the parameters of being able to play under basic wow. So now I have a level locked 60 rogue that I can’t play the way I want and no way to move it to an account to allow me to do this. Overall I am a bit disappointed in the way the system works and they should allow us to toggle expansions for this type of transfer for the few people who want to play a certain way. Or they could just do away with the whole people who locked their exp being dumped into a different que and solve this problem.

I took my nice break from wow and came back with very little desire at this point to do auction house stuff. Mainly this is because things have slowed down so much on the server due to people taking time off that I don’t want to waste my time for such little profit. That and I am only logging in 2-3 times a week at this point because of so much to do during the summer months. The times I do log in for are pretty much dedicated to raiding. Last night though I decided to make an exception and log in early for a raid and figured I would do a heroic for kicks and giggles.

This is where I made my first mistake. I que up my way overgeared DK tank and get my instant que. Oh joy heroic Old Kingdom. I also end up in a group of 4 people from the same guild on my server. I have no clue who these people from Paradox are because I have never heard of their guild and it looks like they are pretty much just geared in random t10 badge gear. I begin my pulls and things go smoothly until the first room with the spellflingers. Our friendly neighborhood moonkin thinks its a great idea to use starfall in this tightly packed area after I try and pull everything over on the right side into a small area to avoid some packs. Instead we get the whole room about the time I have 0 runes open and have to use empowered rune weapon to try and get agro on all the extra crap that is now on me. Needless to say said moonkin dies and my healer dies pretty quickly, but since I overgear all this junk and know how to interrupt spellflingers (the rest of the group had no clue) we clear the whole room. Rez’s were done and off we go again to the next area where you think the moonkin would have learned his lesson with starfall and tight spaces. Nope he wanders right on down to me again and starfalls and pulls this whole room too and I let him die again and clean up his mess. At this point he starts bitching about 2 pulls and 2 deaths. I inform him that maybe he should learn the proper time to use starfall and if he doesn’t feel the need to he can continue to die.

This is exactly the point where group relations go very very wrong. Of course they start off by calling me bad because I could pull the whole room and 1 time and live but I don’t feel the need to. 4v1 isn’t a very fun fight to have anyways. I make a few more pulls before the first real boss of the instance because I already skipped one, while they continue to berate me. I finally had enough of listening to them so up pops the ignore function for the group and the comment of, “Well if you don’t like it just kick me” which is followed by a teleport out of the dungeon. Now here is the part where they must be kickaholics because they are unable to kick me, which means they probably enjoy harassing lots of people. This began the sit in group in Dalaran for 20 mins while chatting with my guild and waiting for the raid in ICC. They made their moonkin flip to bear to muddle their way through to tank for them. I have to say it was amusing to watch their healer die another time and to pop in when they thought they were going to beat on the end boss. I say thought because I was looking for the tell tale signs of shadow crashes to inform me when they got to the end boss area. Zoned back in had some fun with insanity, as in I didn’t see anything but they sure saw me, which reset the encounter I found out. Sat there for 5 more mins then left group so they would be able to finish the encounter. I am sure there was a lot of rage, since I saw some banter about me in trade chat after for all of 30 seconds before talk became of hello kitty again.

I of course had to look up their guild on Guildox to see if they had done anything ever….and no they hadn’t. Didn’t see them near the top 200 guilds on the server for 10 man or 25 man. Oh well just some griefers who got griefed this time. No big loss here I really don’t need the 2 frost badges since between 2 80’s I have 550 of the things. Probably about time I turned em all into boe gear.

I haven’t posted in a while, which is pretty much how I work. If there is something to say then I will say it otherwise there will just be a long silence. A couple weeks ago I started working on my businesses again and was raking in the gold as per normal, but then I got to thinking about how much time I spend on WOW. WOW was like a second job for me. I would spend 30-40 hours online a week either raiding or working on making gold. I no longer had a life of my own and was rarely going out and hanging out with friends. Frankly I was miserable and I knew it.

This realization woke me up a bit and I made it a goal to put in a lot less time on WOW and other junk and actually start doing stuff with my life. In the past 2 weeks I have ended up meeting someone and am enjoying her company, I read a lot more, I am relearning my Japanese, my apartment is the cleanest it has been in a while, I am eating healthier, and I have lost 8 lbs. Other plans in my life now include going back to school for a class to get my certification for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and getting my passport taken care of. I got my WOW play time down to 4 hours this past week which is a huge change for me, though I did get some other video game time in because I just am unable to quit cold turkey.

So what does all this mean for this blog. Well not a ton really. I do still plan on updating with tips and tricks for making gold since I am still watching patches and seeing what economic changes are coming around. Its just at this time there isn’t a whole ton to talk about. I guess the only other thing is to make sure you have plenty of gold on hand for the Cataclysm, but with past tips which still work I have a feeling people won’t have a single issue with being prepared if they are motivated.

Basic Gold Making

June 1, 2010

Over the last week I have had a number of questions/complaints from guild mates wondering how they can make gold. I have heard some of the most outrageous claims ever in guild chat, vent, and whispers. I have heard everything from “Tailoring, Enchanting, Inscription, etc. etc. make no money” to “I’ll never have any gold, its impossible.” All of these things make me want to go find a brick wall and start bashing my head against it. Heck even engineers can make a decent living on the auction house and they have a pretty poor prospect for making money off other players.

So its time to get back to basics for some people. I just want to start by saying EVERY crafting or gathering profession is able to make enough gold eventually to hit gold cap. This means  that if everyone wanted to they could eventually hit gold cap. This could even be done with very little effort.

This first thing you need to do when starting your journey with your professions is to determine your market/markets. Are you going to cater to the levelers of professions or are you going to supply those raiders every night during the week. Without this knowledge you will fail. You don’t just walk out your door one day and say I am going to make $3000 dollars today with no idea on how you will do that. You do so with a plan in mind and that should be the first thing you do when you want to make a ton of gold.

So now you have a plan even if it is “I am going to farm Sholazhar Basin until my eyes bleed and sell everything I get to the high end crafters.” Well then it is now time to implement it. If  you chose the farming method, well get cracking those herbs/nodes won’t farm themselves and I need mats cause I like my time. If you chose the other route then its time to start investing. Notice I didn’t say spending. We don’t spend in the wonderful world of Make Gold Land, we only invest here. So you have a list of items that are must invest in because that is how you are going to make money, but did you do your research on how much those mats are going to cost you? If not go back to figuring out your plan because you have to know what those mats are going to cost you throughout the week because you are going to be in it for the long haul.

Ok so step 1 and step 2 are done. We have a plan and we have invested in our future by purchasing materials to create stuff with. We get cracking at our preferred location of crafting and crank out a ton of the product we are going to sell. With that finished we walk up to the auction house and start posting like crazy! WAIT!!!!! WHAT???? NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Instead you want to go to the auction house and post a few of those precious items up for a 24 hour period and gauge what happens to see what our friendly competitors are doing or maybe you already did this part in your planning session (good for you).

If you haven’t done this then you are probably wondering why we are doing this. You have all this merchandise and you need to offload it in a hurry so you can be rich. Well unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way. You have to work around what people are buying and what your competitors are doing. You could go and post your whole batch on the auction house and just have it undercut for the next 48 hours by 30 silver and never see a dime out of all the stuff. Post 3-5 of each separate item and get a feel for the market. If stuff is flying off the shelf post more on your next posting and keep doing this until you reach a saturation point. If you have a particularly nasty competitor you may have to figure out what their thresholds are to be able to combat them. Make sure you always account for the 5% auction house cut when posting. You don’t want to think that you are making 5g on an item and really you are making -1g.

Eventually you will become comfortable with your market and want to expand. Always keep the simple rules in effect though. Plan, invest, produce. There is a market for everything out there on the auction house, including Rune Thread, Eternium Thread, and Ice Cold Milk.

Oh some simple tips for those just starting out to make a bit of gold right away.

Mining – Make Bronze bars and sell them on the auction house

Blacksmithing – Eternal Belt Buckles

Jewelcrafting – Cut epic quality gems and sell or create simple jewelry out of uncommon WOTLK gems (1.5g or lower per gem and eternal earth 5g or lower)  and sell to the vendors

Enchanting – sell scrolls with enchants on them or de greens and sell mats

Tailoring – Spellthreads still sell really well or netherweave bags

Engineering – Make pets or sell harder to come by engineering leveling items

Leatherworking – Still in business with leg patches

Herbalism – Start farming. (really I need my herbs)

Inscription – Armor and Weapon Vellums make an easy way to get into this business if you are just starting out

Skinning – Back to farming for you

Now get out there and go for the gold!

I had a guild member asking the best way to make money in guild chat yesterday and I figured this would make a great post.

He has a level 80 dk and a level 80 rogue. His DK has the professions of skinning and mining(150) and his rogue is a max level leather worker and a skinner. His problem was he needs 4000 gold for whatever. Now I have plenty of gold and I could have just lent him the gold and been done with it, but he never would have learned why some things are better done 1 way and not another.

He asks in guild chat what professions would make him a bunch of gold fast and which of his professions he should drop to make this money. To me this seems like a backwards proposition since he needs money fast. Of course my lesser informed guildmates inform him of different professions that will make him money such as jewelcrafting and enchanting. Then we get a comment that just made my head spin. One of my guildmates informs him that enchanting is garbage for making money. What???? Are you insane sir? I had to argue that point because that is the most false statement I have seen ever. I informed him of how much money I have made off enchanting in the past year. He figured this was just from the beginning of WOTLK that I was able to make this money. I am guessing he never heard of the saronite shuffle so I explained that to him. Break saronite to gems, make rings, de rings, sell mats, Profit! He goes on by telling me its really jewelcrafting making the money. Somehow the DE rings part and sell mats seemed  to slip past him, but he did inform me with his logic that inscription makes a bunch of money and its not because of herbalism. So what you are telling me is that in one area the profession that is creating the finished process is responsible for the profit and the other profession who creates another finished product to sell is not the one that makes money. I believe we have a major flaw here in your logic sir. You can’t argue with stubborn people who are oblivious so this is where that conversation ended and it switched to private tells to the person who actually needed the money right away.

First thing he does is start asking question about how he is going to level enchanting. Whoa whoa whoa pal, you need money quick and you are thinking about spending 3k gold to level a profession that won’t pay off for a few weeks when you are already perfectly setup to make money now? I found out he has low level mining which is fine for making money and its how I made money quickly on my starting dk on another server. I told him to check prices on tin, copper, and bronze. The basic trick is to buy tin and copper cheap then combine it into bronze and sell the bronze…..you make tons on the weekend with this trick. Also I told him to start going out mining and leveling it up and sell everything you mine on the auction house. He could easily make 4-5k gold in a week just doing this a few hours a night and he wouldn’t have to worry about releveling a profession he doesnt even have the money to do with at this point.

Oh if you are wondering I also answered his question on start out with the enchanting just incase he wanted to level it in the future. I told him to start making low level items on his leatherworker then de them for the mats. If you already have a crafter high enough to make the low end stuff it makes it a lot easier and cheaper most of the time to level enchanting. I also highly suggest not starting out with enchanting unless you are able to do this. Double up on the gathering professions on your first character and grind them up to level as you go and sell everything you get and you will be rolling in the money while you level in no time.

I haven’t posted in a while currently because there isn’t a lot I am able to post at this time. I am in the process of testing a certain expansion to a very popular game and am trying to help them find bugs and other in game issues to help iron things out for others.

My next step when it is up and running is to test out the tradeskills of this game and see what changes are being made to it. When I am able to report back on this stuff in the future expect a lot more posts. I should have some more information soon with the new patch hitting the ptr realm as well on what will be going on with tradeskill mats and gear.

Oh quick tip for those out there who like fairly easy money. Buy up your bloodstones and chalcedony cheap off the auction house (1.5g or less) and eternal earths (5g or less) and turn them into rings and depending on prices either sell them to vendors or sell the dust, which ever produces better results for you. Just doing this I have made a few thousand gold with very little effort other then pressing create all and coming back in 10 mins to sell the product to the vendor.

Everyone on the WOW blog sphere is currently going nuts one way or the other on the changes to raiding in Cataclysm. I want to take a step back from what it means to me and my guild and look at the economic scale of what this change means to the average person on the auction house.

Right now we have patterns and tradeskill items only dropping from the 25 man versions of content in WOTLK which puts a fairly good bottleneck on obtaining certain items for crafters. Come Cataclysm with the change that 10 and 25 man raiding content will share loot tables you are going to start seeing more of these items appear in the auction house. Of course you will still see new items and patterns start off at a high value for the first couple to appear in the auction house, but you will also see a quicker drop in price on these items then you do currently.  This will only be quicker if they continue with the same model of being able to use badges to buy the tradeskill mats required for the items that are limited to boss drops.

So in effect you will see things come into the auction house quicker with a quicker drop in price from raiding due to more accessibility for the masses.

It seems this past week was the breaking point for Primordial Saronite on my server. It had been sitting at a steady 1200g for a long time now over trade and a bit higher on the auction house. Over the weekend it was hitting 850-900g over trade and 1000g over the auction house and doesn’t look like the price is going to rise much over the week now that the crafters have gotten a taste of the cheaper prices. All of the major raiders have all the primordial saronites they could need at this point and we are at the point where even the casuals who just do the weekly and heroics every day have their 2-4 pieces of badge t10. This just means Primodial Saronite is going to start being fed into the economy at alarming rates soon. So welcome to the free fall of Primordial Saronite. At least parts for crafted gear is getting cheaper by the day though.

Well to be honest there has been nothing new as of recently other then a few mechanics changes in classes, which means there hasn’t been a whole lot to post on my end about the auction house.

In the last couple weeks the only thing that has happened is that primordial saronites are getting closer to the 1000g range and making the crafted items from them are getting cheaper. For those of you with patterns that know many of these items are great items for their slot, I would suggest you start cranking out 1-2 of them a week and make a healthy profit off them. I don’t see very many of them on my auction house currently, but they have been selling for more then double the material price recently. Just an example is the Hellforged Bonegrinders which are very nice plate dps boots. They have recently been selling for around 14-15k on my auction house. The material cost adds up to around 6k if you are a thrifty buyer. As you can see you are making an insane profit even if you were to undercut to 10kg.

Eternals are back down in pricing structure to what they used to be again so there is not a whole lot of profit to be made flipping those. Glyphs are still a strong investment. Enchanting mats are always a strong investment. Also now is a good time to start invest in low level crafting materials. Your best bet is to start stockpiling outlands materials. People level through that area so fast now that they are receiving very little cloth and very few green items to disenchant and this will be the stopping point for many people trying to level professions. With as much time as you have you should have bank tabs full of this stuff by the time Cataclysm rolls around. I would say a meager investment of around 30k should be a good bet.

Today I am going to take a step back and analyze what has been selling for me on the auction houses that I frequent. The main thing is that like normal tradeskill mats still rule the auction house for resale value.

The first thing that has been making me a healthy profit so far has been Ebonweave cloth. Why not the other cloths? Well I am not spec’d for those, but you can do this with any of the cloths if you wanted. Ebonweave also happens to be the cheapest of the 3 to make and provides the most profit on my server. Eternal Shadows run for around 10-13g per each one on my server, while eternal fire runs 25-35g, and eternal life runs around 16-18g. The infinite dust is around 90s per dust at this point and the cloth is 50s per cloth on my server. This gives us a cost for a person spec’d in that cloth mastery of (high end) – Ebonweave 14.4g, Spellweave 36.4g, and Moonweave 19.4g. Ebonweave and Moonweave are running around 30g per cloth at this time. Spellweave is around 45g at this time. Take these numbers we get a profit margin of – Ebonweave 15.6g, Moonweave 10.6g, Spellweave 8.6g per cloth.

The next item up on the list is Titansteel and everything it takes to make this item. Looking at the items in the list that is used to make this item we have Saronite Bars (transmute titanium bar) 30g per stack, Titanium Bar 15g per bar, Eternal Fire 25-35g, Eternal Shadow 10-13g, Eternal Earth 5g. Titansteel is currently selling for around 100g a bar still, which given the mats gives you a profit (high end spending) of 7g. Yuck if you spend on the high end because the auction house is going to take 5g per 100g off of you.

Your best bet is to find a transmute spec alchemist to get that cost down. By finding a transmute spec alchemist you can catch some procs on transmuting titanium bars from saronite bars. Cost on titanium bars this way is 12g per bar without procs. You can probably get this cost down to around 10g counting the procs. Another trick is if Frozen Orbs on your server are going for less then the cost of an eternal fire then you snap the orbs up and turn those in. Orbs are going between 25-30g on my server. With our new costs of 10g and 30g we can get the costs down to 78g per bar and a profit of 17g after we subtract the 5% cut of the auction house. This is a much better number then the last one.

As always the glyph market is profitable, but there has been a slow down in sales as people are starting to jump ship till Cataclysm. I would suggest keeping up normal production as possible so that you will be overstocked when Cataclysm comes out. As other bloggers have noticed that supply for herbs is starting to slow down as people get burnt out or farmers get banned since blizzard has a bit more time on their hands with a shrinking customer base.

As always keep an eye on Primordial Saronite. There was a small spike in price after 3.3.3 but nothing to be too noticeable for too long. This may change with the announcement that the only way to get the extra rewards from Arthas is to have a Shadowmourne wielder on the raid when you kill him.