Path of the Titans

Welcome back to Eq folks with the Alternate Advancement system. This is the type of system game development add when they want to slow down the mudflation of a game but try and keep the players happy by allowing them to still advance.  Each Path is going to be focused towards a role for your character. As much as Blizzard tries to say that it won’t be… most definitely will be. Min/maxers will figure out which path is the best for each class/spec and then the sheep will fall in line behind them and follow suit. The rest will be laughed at and ridiculed.

Basically I just see this as a ploy to keep people occupied and playing wow for another 1-2 year while waiting for the next expansion all while being able to advance your characters exp bar in an alternate way.

Guild Experience

I actually enjoy this part of the expansion. It gives large guilds the ability to level up quickly with the sheer volume of people of which 20 will only count, but it will always be the highest 20 contributing to the guild exp bar. Small guilds also have the opportunity to advance just as fast as the large guilds if they are motivated enough, but it is much tougher work. The abilities that can be gained via the guild talent system seem fairly balanced and worth pushing the guild to level. Mass resurrection or mass summon are my 2 favorite for guild time savers.

Mastery System

So talents are getting another major revise this expansion and instead of the base talents all specs take in their respective talent tress we get a new mastery system that allocates point to crit more, provide hit rating and other effects that we currently have to spend talent points on. I see this as a double edge sword since it is great for some class/specs and possibly horrible for others.  DK’s have 3 unique trees that they are able to take tanking talents in any of them. What will happen if the mastery system only gives 1 tree tank spec masteries.  It screws up all of the work they did to make all the trees viable (debatable) tanking trees. This problem can also be seen for feral druids.  I guess we just have to wait and see for now.

Auction house stuff next post.


There is plenty to talk about with the reveal of the new expansion for WOW and there is information all over the place. A little backstory I guess is in order though of what will be happening and then to the meat of the post……new stuff.

So basically what happens is we are up in Northrend killing 2 Jorgumungers and some Emo angels and then we head on over and kick Arthas’s butt and this giant dragon named Deathwing decides hey everyone is away lets rain hell on the major continents of Azeroth. He brings the elemental planes up to Azeroth and tears a huge hole into Kalimdor and changes the face of Azeroth forever. Of course we find out about this and head on down to see whats up.  Of course all this distruction has opened up Greymane wall and let loose the Worgen who join the Alliance, while the goblins get flooded out and join the Horde as refugees.  Thats the basic setup in a nutshell.



Yay werewolves.  They have some decent racials, not as nice as goblins but hey they are werewolves.  70% sprint for 10 seconds on a 3 minute cooldown, 1% more damage, curses and disease are 15% shorter on them, 15 skill in skinning and dont need a skinning knife ever.  Not too bad on the racial department but they do get the short end of the stick when compared to goblins.

Worgen are able to transform between human and worgen forms at any time other then combat.  In combat they will always look like worgen.  This seems like a neat feature in and of itself and is probably the reason for the weaker racials.

I am most excited about being a druid Worgen to be honest.  Nothing like having 7 different looks to choose from at any given time (yes I will be a moonkin or tree….dislike feral really). Rumor is the worgen will have their own unique forms as well as druids.


Goblins by far  get some of the best racials in the game. Rocket propell gets goblins in and out of melee range with a quick burts or they can use the rockets on their belts as weapons. Pack hobgoblin gives access to your bank every hour. They get the best discount regardless of faction. They receive 1% haste, and some better living through alchemy (+15 alchemy).

What can I say about goblins that most other people have not said. This race is going to be the banker alt of choice for all horde characters.  All new alt death knights on the horde side will be goblins for these racials alone since most DK’s are used as profession/banker alts these days anyway due to the higher starting level.  There is nothing more annoying then going out into the wild and farming up a ton of tradeskill mats to only have to stop because your bags are full.  Goblins will not ever have this problem.  They just call their handy hobgoblin and toss all the junk into the bank and continue on their way and deal with it when they get back.  I will definitely be switching my horde banker over to a goblin when this is released.

This post is going longer then anticipated for today so I will continue on with more tomorrow.

Up next: Path of the Titans, Guild Experience, Mastery system

This weekend must have been farm outlands for most people or at least alt weekend since there were tons of cheap outlands mats on the auction house. I did a lot of purchasing and relisting the items as mongoose scrolls and netherweave bags and was making money hand over fist.  I still have enough mats in the bank for 5-6 more mongoose scrolls and 50 or so more bags.  Its amusing that my gold count looks about the same from Friday but in actuality it is about 3kg higher with all the mats I have sitting around from the weekend.  All of this is even after I invested about 2k gold in my alt for flying mount and inscription leveling.  Looks like I will have to start digging around on Grevlon’s site for tips on inscription mods to help with my profits soon.

I also wanted to post about Grevlon’s all blue item Ulduar run.  I see there were plenty of wipes from his logs of the event, but you have to notice the success of the run.  Some people towards the peak of WOW gaming skill were able to do something that most guilds are unable to do in epic gear.

Lots of people are pointing out that they have all done those fights before and it is second nature for many of them on what to do in there.  Knowledge though can only take you so far in what you can do.  I do plenty of research before I raid on the encounters that will appear to my raid group before we even do it.  This gives me a little backround as to what will go on, but it doesn’t provide me with the ability to do a proper dps rotation or to be able to know which heals to use at what times or to press certain buttons while tanking to make sure I do enough threat and to not die from bosses.

There is definitely a reason why skilled players beat encounters over and over each week while others struggle to even get halfway into an instance.  Overgearing a place allows one to make a good many mistakes that you are able to recover from while being just geared enough makes it so you have to be on top of your game to complete the instance.

Nothing about Cataclysm today but tomorrow I will gather up all my compiled information and post my thoughts on it.

DK Tanks

August 21, 2009

I wanted to go a bit off the topic of my auction house exploits today and talk about 2 classes that I play and my views from both perspectives of those classes.

I am going to talk about the state of affairs of DK tanks. My main spec is a blood tank spec with pretty much the cookie cutter build of the spec. I do a ton of self healing and use my cooldowns in a manner to support staying alive and taking the least amount of damage that I possibly can. With that said DK tanks are becoming fast the last chosen tank for anything out there.

DK’s are taking a large chunk of damage then their tanking counter parts. Cooldowns have been nerfed so that they are more inline with other classes, which is a good thing in my opinion, yet they are some of the weaker cooldowns of the tanking cooldowns now.  Hit points for DK’s are the lowest of all the tanking classes when given equal gear. DK’s have to spec for blood if they want any hope of getting back some of the lost hp from the nerf and even then they still lost a good 2-3k hp raid buffed minimum.  DK armor is now pretty much equal to all shield bearing classes.  Combining all the nerfs together it seems Blizzard went a bit overboard.  I don’t know what this will have as an effect to the long term view of the class for tanking as a whole, but it can’t be good.  I do know letting DK tanks be overpowered for 7 months was good for the view of the class as a whole perception wise when at the beginning of WOTLK DK’s were seen as horrible as tanks and many groups refused to let DK’s even tank due to the huge spikeyness of their damage intake in heroics. I have to say we are back to that again coming from the perception of a tank and as of a healer.

I have spent the last week tanking on my DK and healing DK tanks on my druid.  My DK is in a mix of Ulduar level gear with a touch of Naxx 25 man gear for tanking. My druid is mostly in Ulduar/10 man toc gear currently.  My health while tanking even heroics on my DK bounces up and down like a yoyo lately.  There is no rhyme or reason for it other then I do not have a block mechanism like all the other tank classes. Even without block I also am hit harder then my tanking counterparts due to no demoralizing shout type effect.  It makes me almost want to go back to just dpsing on my DK for heroics and finding another tank.

Healing DK’s on my druid normally involves spending lots more mana keeping them up compared to the other tanks I have run with. Non DK tanks in similar gear to my DK I can keep up with just a rejuv and an occasional wildgrowth when the group takes some damage, but overall it allows me to focus on the group as a whole. DK tanks on the other hand have started to require rejuv, full stack of lifebloom, wildgrowth when group takes damage and the occasional nourish/swiftmend when they take a huge spike.  Honestly I hate healing DK tanks in heroics…..I would expect this from a raid level boss but really heroic trash?  I don’t mind actually having to pay attention to a fight but does it have to be this big of a difference.

Of course DK’s used to take big hits fairly well, but right after patch I was seeing large chunks of my health just drop.  Of course it could be the combination of bosses are hitting slightly harder (less armor, about 8% more damage intake) and my health pool is smaller (3k smaller!).

Just reading the boards though it seems the doom and gloom of DKs tanks being a distant memory is just people blowing smoke to convince blizzard to fix the problems.  Overall I think some slight tweeks are in order to move us back to not being mana spounges again, but not make us overpowered as we previously were.

Midweek Musings

August 19, 2009

So a little bit about the auction house today and then we go into last nights raiding.

Netherweave bags are on their decline for heading to the weekend. I have no clue why multiple people are dropping the price of bags down to the cost of materials right now in the middle of the week.  It wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t the regular netherweave bag makers doing this.  Of course I have a steady supply of netherweave coming in on the cheap currently and I could undercut them out of the market or let it ride until late in the weekend when their stocks run low of netherweave cloth again.  It seems to be a common trend for them. They burn up the auction house with bags at around 6.5g while stocks of cloth sit on the auction house for 6g for about 2-3 days and they get a few sales at just about 0 profit and then they disappear from the market Sunday – Weds. morning. This leaves me to buy up all the netherweave cloth between 3-4g a stack over the whole weekend and during the beginning of the week and hitting the auction house with free reign at 11g-12g a bag and I sell around 40-50 of them in that time.  Seems a lot more productive then fighting with some of these idiots who like to make very little profit. Lets see if they ever smarten up and no longer leave me free reign to do as I please in the middle of the week.

I have also started up on my inscription business on my shaman. So far things are going ok while I level up. I have my few glyphs right now I am focusing on that are high profit on my server. I have already felt the pain of needing a couple more mods to handle that level of volume through my mail box. Current gold level is 18k and rising.

Raiding last night was very bumpy. We had the experienced dps crew and the inexperienced heal/tank crew for Ulduar 10.  It doesn’t help the warrior tank is not ready or able to handle assigning tanking duties. Mainly because he does not know the fight mechanics well.  Its kind of sad really since he has been doing Ulduar with us since day 1 as a tank, he is just very very sloppy, or as Grevlon would say an M&S.  It was bad enough where healers were getting healing agro with him tanking at start of fights. I personally want to rip charge off his action bar and take that glyph out of his glyph set.

We did not get anywhere close to where we normally get with our main tank, which is kind of sad since we had the dps to tear through whatever was in front of us.

On  bright note I am not on the TOC 10 man this week so I am free to pursue other opportunities for it this week, which means I should be able to jump in with some of the other guilds on the server that I know.  I will update if I do end up doing TOC 10 man or 25 man this week and see how things go.

Runed Orbs and free gold

August 18, 2009

A great money maker on my server has been buying and then reselling Runed Orbs.  They currently go on the auction house for between 450-550g.  I buy them off of Trade for 300g and then immediately turn around and put them on the auction house undercutting whoever is the lowest on there. They normally sell in a day or two. If prices are like this on your server I highly suggest grabbing these up and reselling them. Just be careful to not over do it or you will wreck the market you are creating for yourself. Of course there is always the possibility that someone will just mass list a bunch of cheap orbs and that will put a dent in your profit as well.  I think there is about a month more left on this market at these rates till everyone has all their badge gear and they just start pumping orbs into the market with the extra badges they have.

It seems that the netherweave cloth in my market is drying up with everyone running level 80 heroics. I have found if Iam sitting at the auction house at about 11pm server time I can scoop up around 40 stacks of the stuff that people are selling from a hard days work for around 4g a stack.  With me doing this I have been able to sell bags for around 11g a bag now up from the 8.5g -9g I was selling them for 3 weeks ago.

Overall last night was a slow night in terms of enchant sales.  There were hardly a cheap green on the auction house to disenchant and the 2 weapon scrolls I have on the market had not sold yet. Current gold standing 16.7kg

Zoom Zoom

August 17, 2009

So Friday I spent some time farming the darting hatchling. I figured the 2k extra per pet in my bank acount would be worth it. I got my first one early on friday morning after 1 1/2 of sitting around while on my other account working the auction house 🙂  8 hours later I had my second one.  You can guess what happened 8 hours after that. I learned the first one on my dk. Sold the second one and gave 1 to a guildmate.  Now you are probably wondering why I would waste my time to only sell 1 pet.  Actually I only wasted about 30mins each time because when you know the spawn timer you can time it out just about perfectly. This pet is by far my favorite pet. He is like a raptor version of speedy gonzalez.  I highly recomend it to anyone who may be interested in it.

On another note I am making huge stacks of gold just doing void shatters this weekend.  Of course my other business ventures are making a healthy profit as well. Over all this weekend has been a 5k gold weekend.  I am now up to 16k gold.

In other news we are working on a couple more hard modes this weekend.  Medium mode Iron Council and hard mode Thorim should go down tonight as well as regular mode yogg and regular mode general.

Sorry about the lack of updates for anyone who may read this over this weekend, but it has been a busy weekend otherwise.

So yesterday was my birthday and it seemed like WOW wanted to celebrate it. I managed to get my new idol of lunar fury from the badge vendor because I finally had enough badges from dailies and 10 man TOC now to get it. Nothing like an extra 200 crit to add into my spell rotations.

Also some people on the auction house decided to have a price war on arcane dust.  This meant that I just mopped up by purchasing all their dust at 2/3 what I sell it for and made a bundle by jumping the price up.  Overall I say it was around 600 dusts that I picked up and already most of that is sold at the appropriate price.

Netherweave cloth is becoming harder and harder to come by at cheap prices.  This is slowing down my netherweave bag production in a big way, but I refuse to go out and farm it.  Every now and then though I see big batches of the stuff on the auction house for cheap which allows me to keep going for another week.

Low level crafting mats on my server are starting to pick back up in sales so all of the junk I picked up on the cheap is starting to sell at a rapid pace.

On another note the local LAN center that I visit on my lunch hour at work to get some auctioning done has asked me what mods I use, which means I will get auctioneer on their computers too and not just have to work with prices that I have memorized while I am there. That and I think that the people at the lan center have noticed my bank account increase by leaps and bounds these last 2 weeks and want to do the same. Good thing they are all on a different server so I don’t give away all my secrets to the competition.

Gold count after last night: 9000 and change

Getting older and raiding

August 12, 2009

On a quick side note I turned 30 today so I guess I should feel more responsible, but I don’t.

So last night was 10 man raid night. We cleared out the 2 bosses that are active in colleseum in short order and went to mow down the front part of Ulduar so that the other part of the group can clear out most of the backside for gear. 

I have the say the first 2 bosses of the Colleseum 10 man are pretty easy. The beasts are just a bit healing intensive for the first 2 parts and can you move out of the charging beasts way on the 3rd.  Lord Jakk is just about moving away from fire, cleansing fire off the tank, and killing adds. Not too bad really since he only has around 4mil hp.

Also an update on the auction house part.  cheap netherweave cloth has run out on the auction house lately so it is making bag posting a pain in the butt since it seems there are a few tailoring levelers there just killing the price of the bags, but I did finally get the bag market to creap back up into my 100% profit range again by over pricing a couple bags and then posting again below that price range.  Heck even some of the overpriced bags sold so  I wasn’t upset at all about that.  Someone also dumped a whole ton of insanely cheap arcane dust on the auction house. They obviously wanted to give me some free money since I snagged up all 600 dusts and am reposting them slowly at a huge profit.  If I could find some cheap planar essences I could start making more mongoose enchants for profit again.  It has been a week since I have seen any planar essence due to everyone no longer playing their alts to toss cheap greens on the ah for me to disenchant. Speaking of which infinite dust is taking a nose dive in the market as are abyss crystals ( I expected this), but the enchants that use those items are holding a steady price. That just means I shift over to the enchanting scrolls

Pets continue to sell well though the obsidian hatchling market has slowed down considerably.  I reached a mile stone after 2 weeks and starting with 660g and about 500g in items on my char. I am now at 8400g and around 2k in items floating in my bags and on the auction house.  This is even after I snagged up a bunch of epic gems for both my level 80 characters.

Auction House Day1

August 11, 2009

The goal of this blog is to keep track of my antics on the auction house and possibly some information on my raiding fun in my casual guild.

I am a bit behind where I wanted to start this blog so I am actually going to dump a week + worth of posts that I have been keeping track of via a word document. So here it goes.

Day 1 – buying cheep green and blues for enchanting supplies on Kamishi

Average intake on dust at current undercutting price is 3g per dust

Average intake on shards is 14.5g at current undercut

Did not sell any essences

Do not buy any green over 8.5g to break even or to make a profit

Do not buy any blue over 10g to make a profit

Ignore all epics currently

 Goal – 20k gold in 2 months

 Day 2 – Tips presented today: Craft Netherweave bags

                                                Craft Cloak of Crimson Snow

                                                Craft Azure and Shining Spellthreads

                                                Craft 28 Slot Warlock bags

                                                Bolts of Imbued Frostweave

Codes to use

/auctioneer percentless (60% below market value – profit!)
/auctioneer bidbroker
/auctioneer compete  

 Tonight was much better in terms of figuring out what is going on in the community of my server.  Netherweave bags are making a 40%-80% profit margin from buying up all the netherweave on the AH for 5g and under. Started in on the Imbued Frostweave market, no sales today on that.  Started leveling my jewelcrafting on my alt. Its amazing how you can make back the money you spend on ore just from prospecting. I got all the gems I needed for the night and made money.  So with the bank account of 660g and about 300g in mats I am up over 1800g today between the 3 chars.

 Day 3 – People are dumb. Making money from people putting stuff on ah for under vendor price seems silly, but it happens. So far only had time to scan 1 time in the morning and 1 time when I get home each day, going to try to up that to 3 this weekend minimum.

 The enchanting market seems very volatile and very hard to make a profit out of. I could probably squeeze a profit from doing scrolls but that is just cumbersome and annoying. I might have to stockpile until this weekend and next week when many people are going to be doing the new content and regearing.

 Wee lunch time at the office produced some amazing results. Netherweave stacks going for well under what I am willing to pay for them. 2.3g a stack for around 20 stacks. Now I am going to turn around and make those into Netherweave bags and sell them at the ah for 9g a bag. So I stand to make 5.8g a bag after ah cut. 200% profit! Now mind you 100g a day is not a great profit but that is not even 10 mins of me paying attention other then to type in netherweave cloth. The rest of the time was me turning all this cloth into bolts and going to get a pizza while that was going on.  Tin ore seems to be high on the market so prospecting that is not profitable yet. I think I may have to log in my other account to start mining that soon so I can level my jewelcrafting a bit faster on my shaman. Speaking of which today is start to level shaman to 65 day then find a port to dalaran to master out jewelcrafting and make some real cash when the patch hits.  Speaking of which I should be changing over my Shaman from enchanting to Inscription soon to also work the card market.

 Days 4 + 5

 Well I am well over 4k gold and I have around 1k gold in items waiting to move. The Arcane Dust Market got flooded this weekend so I will be unable to move any of that for a while, but I will keep picking up items and DEing them for mats.  I need to run Karazhan and Mag Terrace on a regular basis for void crystals. Mongoose enchants are selling like they are going out of style.  I sold 3 this weekend alone. Trying to level mining and jewelcrafting has been a nightmare. Next up is inscription to level.

 So far my Horde experiment is going well, unfortunately pets are not selling worth anything on that side. Low level materials are selling like hot cakes though.  It seems the Horde have much smarter people or just that the population is so low on my server that things aren’t selling as fast. I am looking to start moving horde only pets over to alliance side soon.\

 Day 6

 Seems I am being undercut in the netherweave bag business a bit and people are snapping up my chanting mats lately.  My mongoose enchants should sell this week easy so I need to stock up on those big time. I got to 351 jewelcrafting tonight so it is time to level to 65 in a hurry now and get to dalaran asap.  Then we grind jewelcrafting to as high as it takes to break down ore for mats.  Paying people to run me through instances. I am doing Slave Pens 1 more time now that I can nab the quest and then doing underbog to finish the quest for extra exp.  I bought a pet from someone for 600g and am selling it for over 1kg. I also bought 3 frozen orbs for 60g and am selling them for 80g. If that doesn’t pan out I will make leg armor kits out of them from a local leatherworker.  Overall good day.

 Day 7

 Patch day is here and there is much money to be had. Time to park a few characters in the spots where the rare raptor pets drop and go nuts farming.  I am hoping to make a good 4-8k off raptor pet farming for a while this week if I get lucky.  Enchanting should do well this week and if I get my shaman to 65 I should make oodles of money on gems. Also transmuting time for my druid J  Checking on lunch to see if I can log into wow yet to set characters up for farming.

 Auctioneer was borked for a bit and it was hard to do any dedicated auctioning. The fight over netherweave bags begins. I can drop my prices pretty low on the bags and still make a good profit since I keep at a certain pricing for buying cloth. I should be able to stop who ever it is from undercutting heavy.  That or they start buying up my stock and I start making money hand over fist on them with just a small cut in my profit margin.  Seems the disenchant setup is starting to dry up a bit as well. I will nab up what I can when I see it but I need a new stream of income soon.

 Day 8

 Seems my attempt at a new stream of income is going to be coming from rare raptor pets if I can ever get into an instance.  Unfortunately running the new heroics is going to kill my earning money off pets.  Though I might be able to run my paladin to the areas in wailing caverns if I can ever zone into the place. For right now I am staying far away from the epic gem market till it settles a bit. Prices are way down as people mow through ore and burn all their badges on the new gems.  I might be able to get some of the gems for cheap for right now and sell them higher later when supply dries up.

 Spent 1k gold today on gems because I am too lazy to go hunt down a jewelcrafter. I think it actually might be time to stockpile these cheap epic gems for when the supply runs out this weekend.  I might be able to make some serious cash on this. So we have a couple undercutters in the ah on my netherweave bags. I did have a fairly good monopoly on those things but it seems someone is jumping into my business and I am going to have to put them down in a harsh way.  I am still making money hand over fist by undercutting them by a few silver since I buy the mats on the cheap.  I would think the people with all the netherweave in the ah for 5gold would realize that it isn’t really selling at that price and keep it in the range where I would pick it up.  Ah well time to make back the gold I spent last night and see what happens.

 Day 9

 Server down this morning and then when it came back up the auction house was getting errors again.  Looks like lunch time to go check the ah and see what deals I can pick up.

Well that is all for today and will update tomorrow with some raid fun since tonight is raid night.