Getting older and raiding

August 12, 2009

On a quick side note I turned 30 today so I guess I should feel more responsible, but I don’t.

So last night was 10 man raid night. We cleared out the 2 bosses that are active in colleseum in short order and went to mow down the front part of Ulduar so that the other part of the group can clear out most of the backside for gear. 

I have the say the first 2 bosses of the Colleseum 10 man are pretty easy. The beasts are just a bit healing intensive for the first 2 parts and can you move out of the charging beasts way on the 3rd.  Lord Jakk is just about moving away from fire, cleansing fire off the tank, and killing adds. Not too bad really since he only has around 4mil hp.

Also an update on the auction house part.  cheap netherweave cloth has run out on the auction house lately so it is making bag posting a pain in the butt since it seems there are a few tailoring levelers there just killing the price of the bags, but I did finally get the bag market to creap back up into my 100% profit range again by over pricing a couple bags and then posting again below that price range.  Heck even some of the overpriced bags sold so  I wasn’t upset at all about that.  Someone also dumped a whole ton of insanely cheap arcane dust on the auction house. They obviously wanted to give me some free money since I snagged up all 600 dusts and am reposting them slowly at a huge profit.  If I could find some cheap planar essences I could start making more mongoose enchants for profit again.  It has been a week since I have seen any planar essence due to everyone no longer playing their alts to toss cheap greens on the ah for me to disenchant. Speaking of which infinite dust is taking a nose dive in the market as are abyss crystals ( I expected this), but the enchants that use those items are holding a steady price. That just means I shift over to the enchanting scrolls

Pets continue to sell well though the obsidian hatchling market has slowed down considerably.  I reached a mile stone after 2 weeks and starting with 660g and about 500g in items on my char. I am now at 8400g and around 2k in items floating in my bags and on the auction house.  This is even after I snagged up a bunch of epic gems for both my level 80 characters.


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