Idol of Lunar Fury and 1000g

August 13, 2009

So yesterday was my birthday and it seemed like WOW wanted to celebrate it. I managed to get my new idol of lunar fury from the badge vendor because I finally had enough badges from dailies and 10 man TOC now to get it. Nothing like an extra 200 crit to add into my spell rotations.

Also some people on the auction house decided to have a price war on arcane dust.  This meant that I just mopped up by purchasing all their dust at 2/3 what I sell it for and made a bundle by jumping the price up.  Overall I say it was around 600 dusts that I picked up and already most of that is sold at the appropriate price.

Netherweave cloth is becoming harder and harder to come by at cheap prices.  This is slowing down my netherweave bag production in a big way, but I refuse to go out and farm it.  Every now and then though I see big batches of the stuff on the auction house for cheap which allows me to keep going for another week.

Low level crafting mats on my server are starting to pick back up in sales so all of the junk I picked up on the cheap is starting to sell at a rapid pace.

On another note the local LAN center that I visit on my lunch hour at work to get some auctioning done has asked me what mods I use, which means I will get auctioneer on their computers too and not just have to work with prices that I have memorized while I am there. That and I think that the people at the lan center have noticed my bank account increase by leaps and bounds these last 2 weeks and want to do the same. Good thing they are all on a different server so I don’t give away all my secrets to the competition.

Gold count after last night: 9000 and change


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