Zoom Zoom

August 17, 2009

So Friday I spent some time farming the darting hatchling. I figured the 2k extra per pet in my bank acount would be worth it. I got my first one early on friday morning after 1 1/2 of sitting around while on my other account working the auction house 🙂  8 hours later I had my second one.  You can guess what happened 8 hours after that. I learned the first one on my dk. Sold the second one and gave 1 to a guildmate.  Now you are probably wondering why I would waste my time to only sell 1 pet.  Actually I only wasted about 30mins each time because when you know the spawn timer you can time it out just about perfectly. This pet is by far my favorite pet. He is like a raptor version of speedy gonzalez.  I highly recomend it to anyone who may be interested in it.

On another note I am making huge stacks of gold just doing void shatters this weekend.  Of course my other business ventures are making a healthy profit as well. Over all this weekend has been a 5k gold weekend.  I am now up to 16k gold.

In other news we are working on a couple more hard modes this weekend.  Medium mode Iron Council and hard mode Thorim should go down tonight as well as regular mode yogg and regular mode general.

Sorry about the lack of updates for anyone who may read this over this weekend, but it has been a busy weekend otherwise.


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