Runed Orbs and free gold

August 18, 2009

A great money maker on my server has been buying and then reselling Runed Orbs.  They currently go on the auction house for between 450-550g.  I buy them off of Trade for 300g and then immediately turn around and put them on the auction house undercutting whoever is the lowest on there. They normally sell in a day or two. If prices are like this on your server I highly suggest grabbing these up and reselling them. Just be careful to not over do it or you will wreck the market you are creating for yourself. Of course there is always the possibility that someone will just mass list a bunch of cheap orbs and that will put a dent in your profit as well.  I think there is about a month more left on this market at these rates till everyone has all their badge gear and they just start pumping orbs into the market with the extra badges they have.

It seems that the netherweave cloth in my market is drying up with everyone running level 80 heroics. I have found if Iam sitting at the auction house at about 11pm server time I can scoop up around 40 stacks of the stuff that people are selling from a hard days work for around 4g a stack.  With me doing this I have been able to sell bags for around 11g a bag now up from the 8.5g -9g I was selling them for 3 weeks ago.

Overall last night was a slow night in terms of enchant sales.  There were hardly a cheap green on the auction house to disenchant and the 2 weapon scrolls I have on the market had not sold yet. Current gold standing 16.7kg


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