Midweek Musings

August 19, 2009

So a little bit about the auction house today and then we go into last nights raiding.

Netherweave bags are on their decline for heading to the weekend. I have no clue why multiple people are dropping the price of bags down to the cost of materials right now in the middle of the week.  It wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t the regular netherweave bag makers doing this.  Of course I have a steady supply of netherweave coming in on the cheap currently and I could undercut them out of the market or let it ride until late in the weekend when their stocks run low of netherweave cloth again.  It seems to be a common trend for them. They burn up the auction house with bags at around 6.5g while stocks of cloth sit on the auction house for 6g for about 2-3 days and they get a few sales at just about 0 profit and then they disappear from the market Sunday – Weds. morning. This leaves me to buy up all the netherweave cloth between 3-4g a stack over the whole weekend and during the beginning of the week and hitting the auction house with free reign at 11g-12g a bag and I sell around 40-50 of them in that time.  Seems a lot more productive then fighting with some of these idiots who like to make very little profit. Lets see if they ever smarten up and no longer leave me free reign to do as I please in the middle of the week.

I have also started up on my inscription business on my shaman. So far things are going ok while I level up. I have my few glyphs right now I am focusing on that are high profit on my server. I have already felt the pain of needing a couple more mods to handle that level of volume through my mail box. Current gold level is 18k and rising.

Raiding last night was very bumpy. We had the experienced dps crew and the inexperienced heal/tank crew for Ulduar 10.  It doesn’t help the warrior tank is not ready or able to handle assigning tanking duties. Mainly because he does not know the fight mechanics well.  Its kind of sad really since he has been doing Ulduar with us since day 1 as a tank, he is just very very sloppy, or as Grevlon would say an M&S.  It was bad enough where healers were getting healing agro with him tanking at start of fights. I personally want to rip charge off his action bar and take that glyph out of his glyph set.

We did not get anywhere close to where we normally get with our main tank, which is kind of sad since we had the dps to tear through whatever was in front of us.

On  bright note I am not on the TOC 10 man this week so I am free to pursue other opportunities for it this week, which means I should be able to jump in with some of the other guilds on the server that I know.  I will update if I do end up doing TOC 10 man or 25 man this week and see how things go.


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