BC Mats and Grevlons 187 run

August 25, 2009

This weekend must have been farm outlands for most people or at least alt weekend since there were tons of cheap outlands mats on the auction house. I did a lot of purchasing and relisting the items as mongoose scrolls and netherweave bags and was making money hand over fist.  I still have enough mats in the bank for 5-6 more mongoose scrolls and 50 or so more bags.  Its amusing that my gold count looks about the same from Friday but in actuality it is about 3kg higher with all the mats I have sitting around from the weekend.  All of this is even after I invested about 2k gold in my alt for flying mount and inscription leveling.  Looks like I will have to start digging around on Grevlon’s site for tips on inscription mods to help with my profits soon.

I also wanted to post about Grevlon’s all blue item Ulduar run.  I see there were plenty of wipes from his logs of the event, but you have to notice the success of the run.  Some people towards the peak of WOW gaming skill were able to do something that most guilds are unable to do in epic gear.

Lots of people are pointing out that they have all done those fights before and it is second nature for many of them on what to do in there.  Knowledge though can only take you so far in what you can do.  I do plenty of research before I raid on the encounters that will appear to my raid group before we even do it.  This gives me a little backround as to what will go on, but it doesn’t provide me with the ability to do a proper dps rotation or to be able to know which heals to use at what times or to press certain buttons while tanking to make sure I do enough threat and to not die from bosses.

There is definitely a reason why skilled players beat encounters over and over each week while others struggle to even get halfway into an instance.  Overgearing a place allows one to make a good many mistakes that you are able to recover from while being just geared enough makes it so you have to be on top of your game to complete the instance.

Nothing about Cataclysm today but tomorrow I will gather up all my compiled information and post my thoughts on it.


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