World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

August 27, 2009

There is plenty to talk about with the reveal of the new expansion for WOW and there is information all over the place. A little backstory I guess is in order though of what will be happening and then to the meat of the post……new stuff.

So basically what happens is we are up in Northrend killing 2 Jorgumungers and some Emo angels and then we head on over and kick Arthas’s butt and this giant dragon named Deathwing decides hey everyone is away lets rain hell on the major continents of Azeroth. He brings the elemental planes up to Azeroth and tears a huge hole into Kalimdor and changes the face of Azeroth forever. Of course we find out about this and head on down to see whats up.  Of course all this distruction has opened up Greymane wall and let loose the Worgen who join the Alliance, while the goblins get flooded out and join the Horde as refugees.  Thats the basic setup in a nutshell.



Yay werewolves.  They have some decent racials, not as nice as goblins but hey they are werewolves.  70% sprint for 10 seconds on a 3 minute cooldown, 1% more damage, curses and disease are 15% shorter on them, 15 skill in skinning and dont need a skinning knife ever.  Not too bad on the racial department but they do get the short end of the stick when compared to goblins.

Worgen are able to transform between human and worgen forms at any time other then combat.  In combat they will always look like worgen.  This seems like a neat feature in and of itself and is probably the reason for the weaker racials.

I am most excited about being a druid Worgen to be honest.  Nothing like having 7 different looks to choose from at any given time (yes I will be a moonkin or tree….dislike feral really). Rumor is the worgen will have their own unique forms as well as druids.


Goblins by far  get some of the best racials in the game. Rocket propell gets goblins in and out of melee range with a quick burts or they can use the rockets on their belts as weapons. Pack hobgoblin gives access to your bank every hour. They get the best discount regardless of faction. They receive 1% haste, and some better living through alchemy (+15 alchemy).

What can I say about goblins that most other people have not said. This race is going to be the banker alt of choice for all horde characters.  All new alt death knights on the horde side will be goblins for these racials alone since most DK’s are used as profession/banker alts these days anyway due to the higher starting level.  There is nothing more annoying then going out into the wild and farming up a ton of tradeskill mats to only have to stop because your bags are full.  Goblins will not ever have this problem.  They just call their handy hobgoblin and toss all the junk into the bank and continue on their way and deal with it when they get back.  I will definitely be switching my horde banker over to a goblin when this is released.

This post is going longer then anticipated for today so I will continue on with more tomorrow.

Up next: Path of the Titans, Guild Experience, Mastery system


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