Path of the Titans/Guild Experience

August 31, 2009

Path of the Titans

Welcome back to Eq folks with the Alternate Advancement system. This is the type of system game development add when they want to slow down the mudflation of a game but try and keep the players happy by allowing them to still advance.  Each Path is going to be focused towards a role for your character. As much as Blizzard tries to say that it won’t be… most definitely will be. Min/maxers will figure out which path is the best for each class/spec and then the sheep will fall in line behind them and follow suit. The rest will be laughed at and ridiculed.

Basically I just see this as a ploy to keep people occupied and playing wow for another 1-2 year while waiting for the next expansion all while being able to advance your characters exp bar in an alternate way.

Guild Experience

I actually enjoy this part of the expansion. It gives large guilds the ability to level up quickly with the sheer volume of people of which 20 will only count, but it will always be the highest 20 contributing to the guild exp bar. Small guilds also have the opportunity to advance just as fast as the large guilds if they are motivated enough, but it is much tougher work. The abilities that can be gained via the guild talent system seem fairly balanced and worth pushing the guild to level. Mass resurrection or mass summon are my 2 favorite for guild time savers.

Mastery System

So talents are getting another major revise this expansion and instead of the base talents all specs take in their respective talent tress we get a new mastery system that allocates point to crit more, provide hit rating and other effects that we currently have to spend talent points on. I see this as a double edge sword since it is great for some class/specs and possibly horrible for others.  DK’s have 3 unique trees that they are able to take tanking talents in any of them. What will happen if the mastery system only gives 1 tree tank spec masteries.  It screws up all of the work they did to make all the trees viable (debatable) tanking trees. This problem can also be seen for feral druids.  I guess we just have to wait and see for now.

Auction house stuff next post.


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