Deep Breath

September 23, 2009

Onyxia is now bigger and badder and I can’t be more excited. I was a big fan of the fight at level 60 and now I get to do it again at level 80 with the new update without it being a complete joke (still a joke). The basic things to watch for as normal are Tail swipes (why are you behind her?) Deep Breath (mmmm fried gnome) and Adds (also known as More Whelps, Handle Them).

So the first thing I did yesterday was log in and start up a group for this….it should be easy right? Oh how wrong I was when dealing with the common pug people. I explain the fight to everyone and specifically tell them where to go on each phase and what to do (everyone run to left on pull and go to back of room, kill adds on phase 2 then torch ony, don’t get caught in deep breath). I then ask does everyone understand what I said and are there any questions. No questions. Excellent lets see how this goes.

Try 1 lasted about 25 seconds.  Some people didn’t quite get the run to the left and not right into the giant dragon tail and we got a ton of adds and I got no heals cause people were dead. This is the point I knew this was not going to be a good raid. Alright take 2. Re explain the whole run to the left concept for the brain dead and ask if they understood. Yep! Ok lets do this. Pull the boss and wow everyone ran to the left so we are ok there. Boss gets tucked nice and neat into her little corner and we enter phase 2 with little effort. Everyone runs to the center for some whelp gathering and me and off tank pic up all the adds. Well slight issue….dps seems to have lost their ae buttons so we still have adds up when the big add comes and now Onyxia is ready to deep breath the raid. So I take our friendly neighborhood dragonman over to the wall because Ony wants me to have a date with her Deep Breath, but I am not having any of that. Unfortunately most of our dps was not so lucky and were all about Ony’s affections and ended up getting roasted to a crisp.  That ends up in a wipe. Take 3 looked pretty similar to take 2 sadly and thats about when my patience for the pug was over and some of the others patience ended too so we broke that up.

My normal guild raid group ended up doing Ony later that night. Fortunately they are really good and we ended up getting 3/4 achievements and there was really no incidents. Easy dragon is still pretty easy after all.


Week in review

September 18, 2009

This week inscription was very very very profitable for me in the terms of around 1000g a day after expenses.  I have ramped up my glyph production so I am able to have a bit more stock on the auction house to make it easier on restocking sold glyphs. Just yesterday alone I went through 700 inks just to get to a comfortable level for the weekend.

I have a feeling my carpet bombing of the auction house is starting to pay off. One of my main competitors seems to be backing off of certain sections of the market and leaving me to have free reign. There are multiple glyphs now where I am the only seller and I have to double up on those glyphs when I post.  I am working tonight at a lan center so it should give me enough time to figure out which glyphs are being pushed harder then others at the moment. I figure 5-8 hours of just sitting around helping people in between mashing my milling macro and then sorting out bags will be beneficial.

I did break down some saronite this week for a little extra boost in cash. Rare yellow gems were also selling fairly well this week where they were not selling at all last week. I still haven’t been able to sell my rare blue gems, but I am hoping to change that when I can cut solid sapphires.

On another note we decided to go back to some old content after working some hard modes in Ulduar last night. Our target for the night was Sarth 3D since we have never gotten around to completing that prior to us no longer running him. It took 6 tries till we perfected it and dropped him. Yay for new title! Our local warlock ended up winning the drake but I have a feeling we will be running him for a few weeks for more drakes and titles.

This weekend was a very profitable weekend for my budding inscription business.  Overall I made around 5k in glyph sales through the whole weekend by just camping the AH and watching all the major players for when they logged in and then when they logged off I just undercut them viciously.  By doing this I actually walked many glyphs right on down to the price where they were no longer profitable to make.

One of the glyph makers actually ended up buying a large percentage of my glyph stock (yay profit!) because I had walked them a 10 gold below median price.  Unfortunately for him I am actually going to make him pay for that by just doubling up my production on those glyphs he bought out and walk  the price down again until he gets sick of buying them all.

75% of my sales seem to be on the weekend so I think I am going to change market plans for the Mon-Fri grind and do the insanely heavy undercutting on a 48 hour period through that time and then switch over to a 12 hour repost camp on the weekends to take advantage of that time period and to try and force 1-2 of the semi bigger inscriptionists out of the market.

The huge ink stock I had on Friday is starting to dwindle down even after the huge buying spree I had on the weekend of herbs. It does seem the gold sellers are now on the marketing of their websites phase instead of the farming phase of operation.

Weekdays will have to be my jewelcrafting setup for making money and run the auction house on that.  I did manage to get rid of all the green gems out of my bank so it worked out well.  The yellow and the blue rare quality gems I have huge backstocks of currently and I need to get the useful recipes for those 2 gems so that I can start loading up the auction house with those cuts to help remove that junk from my bank.

More to come later in the week!

Great plans for the future

September 10, 2009

The inscription business is starting to pick up at a rapid pace and I am hoping to keep up with this business in terms of ink usage.  At the moment that is not a viable option for me because of the lack of suppliers of raw ink or herbers willing to supply me copious amounts of herbs. This is not from a lack of trying to find suppliers. I put a post on the guild boards looking for people to supply herbs, but it seems that people are not interested in making money off their herbing profession.  The first day I received a total of 10 stacks of herbs from various people, but have not seen a single herb since then. The eternal lifes do keep coming in every now and then though and it allows me to stockpile cards to make decks with.

So what does this mean to my fledgling business?

The obvious answer is to cut down on glyph production, but I really don’t want to do that. Another answer is to go farm a bunch of herbs on my druid myself. I could easily farm myself the appropriate amount of herbs I need for a daily supply of ink for now, but would rather pay for others to do it to cut down my time usage on inscription.

My current rate of ink usage is around 200 inks per day, but I would like to get that up to around 400 inks per day. This is definitely possible now that I have my bags extremely organized. I also am only producing glyphs that sell, which is a large majority of non leveling glyphs.

My current postings so that I do not exceed what I can receive in inks per day is only 2 glyphs per posting 2 times a day. I am sure I could up this to 4 glyphs per posting and be making a larger profit setup, but I just do not have the ink production to accommodate this yet but I am getting closer. Part of the problem may be that the herb market is inflated right now so I am not finding any herbs at a reasonable price because all of the card makers are swarming to grab as many herbs as possible before the faire leaves.  I have pretty much held off on posting too many cards up unless the price is inflated because many of the rabid card makers have dropped the prices extremely low, though I may have to snatch up a bunch of the really cheap cards and start reposting them soon.

Well it is time to streamline a bit more so I am going to weed out the glyphs that have a very low percentage of my sales and start working on dealing with the ones that make up 90% of my sales and go from there starting this weekend.

Inscription Profits

September 9, 2009

So I have finally organized my shaman enough to start my inscription business.  Currently I have 96 sellable glyphs on my server while I am using a small portion of my profits to buy up cheap books of glyph mastery whenever I see them.  Even with such a small inventory of sellable glyphs I am making around 500-700g a day.  I post 2 glyphs of any type up per 12 hour cycle since there are a bunch of AH campers on my server.  I don’t quite have the muscle yet but I am pushing into many of the other glyph makers markets as I expand daily. I might be able to push 1-2 of them out of the market completely when I can find a steady supply of herbs from someone.

After a quick check of what percentage of the market I was holding on my beginning glyph venture, I held 7 pages of glyphs of 75 pages of glyphs listed on Sunday during peak hours.  All in all about 9% of the glyph market which isn’t bad for just starting up.  From that scan I was able to pick out the big 4-5 alts/glyph makers on the server who were big into the market share of the server.  These people each held approximately 6-12% of the market share while the rest seemed to be held up by random people just posting a couple of the high cost glyphs and the inscriptionist levelers.

My current dillema is that I do not have a supplier for herbs for inks at this moment which will make it hard for me to grow the business too much faster.  The back stock of inks that I have is only about 360 units. Sadly I haven’t found any reliable farmers yet for my business venture and there are not a lot of people dumping adder’s tongue on the auction house. I figure at my current rate of consumption of inks I would need to mill around 10 stacks of adder’s tongue a day with an increase coming in the next week to 20 stacks a day to be secure in the business.

I have put a halt on the jewelcrafting portion of my business until I get the glyph market a bit better locked down.  I am slowly bleeding off all the gems I have stashed in my bank that I don’t have a use for currently. I end up selling about 10-15 blue quality uncut gems a day since the market is pretty well crashed on my server and it is advantageous to just sell uncut gems since they are pretty much the only thing selling to alchemists and the occasional jewelcrafter.

Current gold count from gold transferred to my Death Knight is 31kg and rising.

Sometimes I PUG

September 3, 2009

So last night I needed the daily heroics and decided to start on my DK who has 1 piece of t9, 3 pieces of t8/8.5, and other 219 item level goodies.  That DK is Blood tank spec and the heroic was UK.  I basically just needed warm bodies to fill the other 4 spots to get through this place.  I decided to send the call out to friends of the guild and guildmates.  My group ended up with 1 very fresh level 80 DK, 1 80 priest still wearing horrible gear from level 70 still (why oh why did you not upgrade some of your gear leveling), 2 warlocks, one almost in complete epics from naxx 25/ulduar 10, and another fresh minty new out of the box level 80 who is in leveling blues at the most.

I absolutely don’t mind carrying guildies through an instance at all and all I ask is they don’t stand in the fire/bombs and that they assist me so this all goes a bit faster unless we are aeing things down.  First deaths come from some bombs the 4 pull before the first boss drops because the new warlock and priest decided to stand by the mobs I am tanking. 15k in bomb damage later and they are both laying on their backs.  My favorite line was, “Must be a bug with the stairs.” Of course I just had to point out that he exploded gloriously from the bombs he was standing on.  Now we move on.  First boss we lose the healer right away because no one broke the healer out of the tomb and this group is a bit undergeared for the achievement at this moment. No issue for me since I am selfhealing a ton of this damage anyways. After this boss I pointed out to the healer, who was kind of not paying much attention, that the primary job would be to keep the dps and herself alive since I was noticing long periods of time where the dps just sat at half health on trash. After that we made it the rest of the way through the dungeon with only 1 more death (the healer standing on another bomb).  Overall dps was very very low, Me: 1400 dps, Warlock (geared) 2100 dps, death knight 1400 dps, Warlock (not geared) 950 dps.

Next up was my Druid. My druid is in mostly 226 item level gear and 4 piece t8.5. Basically better geared then my DK. I am moonkin spec.  This time I decided to run an experiment and just join a pug….no guild members this time.  The reason I did this is because many of my guildmates refuse to run pugs because they claim there is rampant failure by pugging. I run pugs all the time and I find that there tends to be more deaths in guild groups on average when I grab random guildmates as opposed to just hand picking guildmates out.

I end up in a pug via a random invite. I am in lfg as a healer or dps. I have no clue what I will be doing at this point nor do I know a single person in the group.  First thing I ask is if I will be dpsing or healing.  I was informed I am dpsing (Hooray!). I take a quick look at people’s gear when we summon the rest of the group and see that this group should be a breeze since they are in all epics. We get into the instance and the first thing that happens in the dps priest goes, “Um I have to leave guild needs me.” Really? We haven’t even started the first pull yet.  Still I have faith in the group and just mention that maybe we should just 4 man this since it is a breeze.  Everyone agrees and we start pulls.  Everything runs smoothly with just us 4, no deaths, dps was almost 2x the amount of my guild group with 1 less person and we ran the dungeon in half the time.

I personally think people get what they put into pugs and that if you are half assing it or just don’t know your class very well you will not do well in pugs and that they will fail you much of the time.  If you know your class very well and can perform at peak performance you can make up for the few others in a pug that are M&S.

There is a reason why I join 10 man pugs more then I join 25 man pugs……less percentage of M&S in the pug with less people.  If you make up 1 good person in that 10 man raid you can normally hope for at least 3-4 other good people in the raid to do their job correctly and not slack or stand in a fire.  That is 30-40% of the raid non M&S.

When joining 25 man pugs there are tons more M&S because they want to be carried and the best place for that is in a large group of people because they can hide behind the good people and do just well enough that they don’t get called out on being horrible.  So 25 man raids you make up 1 non M&S and then you can hope for 5-6 more non M&S and now you have  24%-28% of the raid as non M&S on average and this group is bound to fail usually.

If you want more successful pugs and you are unable to join your guild for something during the week and are a non M&S it seems that 5 mans and 10 mans are the way to go unless you can find a guild group running 25 man content that knows their stuff.

New markets

September 1, 2009

So I finally got my baby shaman to level 65 so I could max out jewelcrafting and inscription. As many other auction house bloggers have stated inscription is insane money if you are willing to put the work into it. Right now I am pretty scattershot with it but am making great money at this time. I have about 20 cards created so far and no complete decks at this time.  I have ended up making 3 4 of nobles though which have made me a handy profit since that is the difficult card to get on my server.

Jewelcrafting is also making me a great profit at this time.  I have been busting down copious amounts of Saronite ore at 15g or below per stack and selling the uncut blue gems on the ah, while nabbing up a bunch of cheap eternal earth and turning all of that into jewelry which I then de on my DK for dusts and essence.  Over all 1000g with this method turns into about 2000-3000g quick quickly depending on the luck of the blue gems.  I think this method is by far the most time consuming taking up about 45 minutes of my time but it can be 1000g – 2000g an hours worth of gold.

With all of this going on my shaman’s bank looks like the publishers clearing house for jewelcrafting.  I am going to need to separate my shaman from the main guild and make an alt guild so I have more space fairly soon.  I am sure this will be a shock to my current guild but I really need the space since I don’t want to flood the market with all the supplies that I have sitting around at this time.

On another note I need to fish through Grevlon’s site for inscription mods to help me keep track of all this craziness.  I am so unorganized with my inscription work it is not funny and now I know why certain things are necessary to make insane profit on this profession.