New markets

September 1, 2009

So I finally got my baby shaman to level 65 so I could max out jewelcrafting and inscription. As many other auction house bloggers have stated inscription is insane money if you are willing to put the work into it. Right now I am pretty scattershot with it but am making great money at this time. I have about 20 cards created so far and no complete decks at this time.  I have ended up making 3 4 of nobles though which have made me a handy profit since that is the difficult card to get on my server.

Jewelcrafting is also making me a great profit at this time.  I have been busting down copious amounts of Saronite ore at 15g or below per stack and selling the uncut blue gems on the ah, while nabbing up a bunch of cheap eternal earth and turning all of that into jewelry which I then de on my DK for dusts and essence.  Over all 1000g with this method turns into about 2000-3000g quick quickly depending on the luck of the blue gems.  I think this method is by far the most time consuming taking up about 45 minutes of my time but it can be 1000g – 2000g an hours worth of gold.

With all of this going on my shaman’s bank looks like the publishers clearing house for jewelcrafting.  I am going to need to separate my shaman from the main guild and make an alt guild so I have more space fairly soon.  I am sure this will be a shock to my current guild but I really need the space since I don’t want to flood the market with all the supplies that I have sitting around at this time.

On another note I need to fish through Grevlon’s site for inscription mods to help me keep track of all this craziness.  I am so unorganized with my inscription work it is not funny and now I know why certain things are necessary to make insane profit on this profession.


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