Sometimes I PUG

September 3, 2009

So last night I needed the daily heroics and decided to start on my DK who has 1 piece of t9, 3 pieces of t8/8.5, and other 219 item level goodies.  That DK is Blood tank spec and the heroic was UK.  I basically just needed warm bodies to fill the other 4 spots to get through this place.  I decided to send the call out to friends of the guild and guildmates.  My group ended up with 1 very fresh level 80 DK, 1 80 priest still wearing horrible gear from level 70 still (why oh why did you not upgrade some of your gear leveling), 2 warlocks, one almost in complete epics from naxx 25/ulduar 10, and another fresh minty new out of the box level 80 who is in leveling blues at the most.

I absolutely don’t mind carrying guildies through an instance at all and all I ask is they don’t stand in the fire/bombs and that they assist me so this all goes a bit faster unless we are aeing things down.  First deaths come from some bombs the 4 pull before the first boss drops because the new warlock and priest decided to stand by the mobs I am tanking. 15k in bomb damage later and they are both laying on their backs.  My favorite line was, “Must be a bug with the stairs.” Of course I just had to point out that he exploded gloriously from the bombs he was standing on.  Now we move on.  First boss we lose the healer right away because no one broke the healer out of the tomb and this group is a bit undergeared for the achievement at this moment. No issue for me since I am selfhealing a ton of this damage anyways. After this boss I pointed out to the healer, who was kind of not paying much attention, that the primary job would be to keep the dps and herself alive since I was noticing long periods of time where the dps just sat at half health on trash. After that we made it the rest of the way through the dungeon with only 1 more death (the healer standing on another bomb).  Overall dps was very very low, Me: 1400 dps, Warlock (geared) 2100 dps, death knight 1400 dps, Warlock (not geared) 950 dps.

Next up was my Druid. My druid is in mostly 226 item level gear and 4 piece t8.5. Basically better geared then my DK. I am moonkin spec.  This time I decided to run an experiment and just join a pug….no guild members this time.  The reason I did this is because many of my guildmates refuse to run pugs because they claim there is rampant failure by pugging. I run pugs all the time and I find that there tends to be more deaths in guild groups on average when I grab random guildmates as opposed to just hand picking guildmates out.

I end up in a pug via a random invite. I am in lfg as a healer or dps. I have no clue what I will be doing at this point nor do I know a single person in the group.  First thing I ask is if I will be dpsing or healing.  I was informed I am dpsing (Hooray!). I take a quick look at people’s gear when we summon the rest of the group and see that this group should be a breeze since they are in all epics. We get into the instance and the first thing that happens in the dps priest goes, “Um I have to leave guild needs me.” Really? We haven’t even started the first pull yet.  Still I have faith in the group and just mention that maybe we should just 4 man this since it is a breeze.  Everyone agrees and we start pulls.  Everything runs smoothly with just us 4, no deaths, dps was almost 2x the amount of my guild group with 1 less person and we ran the dungeon in half the time.

I personally think people get what they put into pugs and that if you are half assing it or just don’t know your class very well you will not do well in pugs and that they will fail you much of the time.  If you know your class very well and can perform at peak performance you can make up for the few others in a pug that are M&S.

There is a reason why I join 10 man pugs more then I join 25 man pugs……less percentage of M&S in the pug with less people.  If you make up 1 good person in that 10 man raid you can normally hope for at least 3-4 other good people in the raid to do their job correctly and not slack or stand in a fire.  That is 30-40% of the raid non M&S.

When joining 25 man pugs there are tons more M&S because they want to be carried and the best place for that is in a large group of people because they can hide behind the good people and do just well enough that they don’t get called out on being horrible.  So 25 man raids you make up 1 non M&S and then you can hope for 5-6 more non M&S and now you have  24%-28% of the raid as non M&S on average and this group is bound to fail usually.

If you want more successful pugs and you are unable to join your guild for something during the week and are a non M&S it seems that 5 mans and 10 mans are the way to go unless you can find a guild group running 25 man content that knows their stuff.


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