Inscription Profits

September 9, 2009

So I have finally organized my shaman enough to start my inscription business.  Currently I have 96 sellable glyphs on my server while I am using a small portion of my profits to buy up cheap books of glyph mastery whenever I see them.  Even with such a small inventory of sellable glyphs I am making around 500-700g a day.  I post 2 glyphs of any type up per 12 hour cycle since there are a bunch of AH campers on my server.  I don’t quite have the muscle yet but I am pushing into many of the other glyph makers markets as I expand daily. I might be able to push 1-2 of them out of the market completely when I can find a steady supply of herbs from someone.

After a quick check of what percentage of the market I was holding on my beginning glyph venture, I held 7 pages of glyphs of 75 pages of glyphs listed on Sunday during peak hours.  All in all about 9% of the glyph market which isn’t bad for just starting up.  From that scan I was able to pick out the big 4-5 alts/glyph makers on the server who were big into the market share of the server.  These people each held approximately 6-12% of the market share while the rest seemed to be held up by random people just posting a couple of the high cost glyphs and the inscriptionist levelers.

My current dillema is that I do not have a supplier for herbs for inks at this moment which will make it hard for me to grow the business too much faster.  The back stock of inks that I have is only about 360 units. Sadly I haven’t found any reliable farmers yet for my business venture and there are not a lot of people dumping adder’s tongue on the auction house. I figure at my current rate of consumption of inks I would need to mill around 10 stacks of adder’s tongue a day with an increase coming in the next week to 20 stacks a day to be secure in the business.

I have put a halt on the jewelcrafting portion of my business until I get the glyph market a bit better locked down.  I am slowly bleeding off all the gems I have stashed in my bank that I don’t have a use for currently. I end up selling about 10-15 blue quality uncut gems a day since the market is pretty well crashed on my server and it is advantageous to just sell uncut gems since they are pretty much the only thing selling to alchemists and the occasional jewelcrafter.

Current gold count from gold transferred to my Death Knight is 31kg and rising.


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