Great plans for the future

September 10, 2009

The inscription business is starting to pick up at a rapid pace and I am hoping to keep up with this business in terms of ink usage.  At the moment that is not a viable option for me because of the lack of suppliers of raw ink or herbers willing to supply me copious amounts of herbs. This is not from a lack of trying to find suppliers. I put a post on the guild boards looking for people to supply herbs, but it seems that people are not interested in making money off their herbing profession.  The first day I received a total of 10 stacks of herbs from various people, but have not seen a single herb since then. The eternal lifes do keep coming in every now and then though and it allows me to stockpile cards to make decks with.

So what does this mean to my fledgling business?

The obvious answer is to cut down on glyph production, but I really don’t want to do that. Another answer is to go farm a bunch of herbs on my druid myself. I could easily farm myself the appropriate amount of herbs I need for a daily supply of ink for now, but would rather pay for others to do it to cut down my time usage on inscription.

My current rate of ink usage is around 200 inks per day, but I would like to get that up to around 400 inks per day. This is definitely possible now that I have my bags extremely organized. I also am only producing glyphs that sell, which is a large majority of non leveling glyphs.

My current postings so that I do not exceed what I can receive in inks per day is only 2 glyphs per posting 2 times a day. I am sure I could up this to 4 glyphs per posting and be making a larger profit setup, but I just do not have the ink production to accommodate this yet but I am getting closer. Part of the problem may be that the herb market is inflated right now so I am not finding any herbs at a reasonable price because all of the card makers are swarming to grab as many herbs as possible before the faire leaves.  I have pretty much held off on posting too many cards up unless the price is inflated because many of the rabid card makers have dropped the prices extremely low, though I may have to snatch up a bunch of the really cheap cards and start reposting them soon.

Well it is time to streamline a bit more so I am going to weed out the glyphs that have a very low percentage of my sales and start working on dealing with the ones that make up 90% of my sales and go from there starting this weekend.


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