Inscription results from the weekend

September 14, 2009

This weekend was a very profitable weekend for my budding inscription business.  Overall I made around 5k in glyph sales through the whole weekend by just camping the AH and watching all the major players for when they logged in and then when they logged off I just undercut them viciously.  By doing this I actually walked many glyphs right on down to the price where they were no longer profitable to make.

One of the glyph makers actually ended up buying a large percentage of my glyph stock (yay profit!) because I had walked them a 10 gold below median price.  Unfortunately for him I am actually going to make him pay for that by just doubling up my production on those glyphs he bought out and walk  the price down again until he gets sick of buying them all.

75% of my sales seem to be on the weekend so I think I am going to change market plans for the Mon-Fri grind and do the insanely heavy undercutting on a 48 hour period through that time and then switch over to a 12 hour repost camp on the weekends to take advantage of that time period and to try and force 1-2 of the semi bigger inscriptionists out of the market.

The huge ink stock I had on Friday is starting to dwindle down even after the huge buying spree I had on the weekend of herbs. It does seem the gold sellers are now on the marketing of their websites phase instead of the farming phase of operation.

Weekdays will have to be my jewelcrafting setup for making money and run the auction house on that.  I did manage to get rid of all the green gems out of my bank so it worked out well.  The yellow and the blue rare quality gems I have huge backstocks of currently and I need to get the useful recipes for those 2 gems so that I can start loading up the auction house with those cuts to help remove that junk from my bank.

More to come later in the week!


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