Week in review

September 18, 2009

This week inscription was very very very profitable for me in the terms of around 1000g a day after expenses.  I have ramped up my glyph production so I am able to have a bit more stock on the auction house to make it easier on restocking sold glyphs. Just yesterday alone I went through 700 inks just to get to a comfortable level for the weekend.

I have a feeling my carpet bombing of the auction house is starting to pay off. One of my main competitors seems to be backing off of certain sections of the market and leaving me to have free reign. There are multiple glyphs now where I am the only seller and I have to double up on those glyphs when I post.  I am working tonight at a lan center so it should give me enough time to figure out which glyphs are being pushed harder then others at the moment. I figure 5-8 hours of just sitting around helping people in between mashing my milling macro and then sorting out bags will be beneficial.

I did break down some saronite this week for a little extra boost in cash. Rare yellow gems were also selling fairly well this week where they were not selling at all last week. I still haven’t been able to sell my rare blue gems, but I am hoping to change that when I can cut solid sapphires.

On another note we decided to go back to some old content after working some hard modes in Ulduar last night. Our target for the night was Sarth 3D since we have never gotten around to completing that prior to us no longer running him. It took 6 tries till we perfected it and dropped him. Yay for new title! Our local warlock ended up winning the drake but I have a feeling we will be running him for a few weeks for more drakes and titles.


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