Deep Breath

September 23, 2009

Onyxia is now bigger and badder and I can’t be more excited. I was a big fan of the fight at level 60 and now I get to do it again at level 80 with the new update without it being a complete joke (still a joke). The basic things to watch for as normal are Tail swipes (why are you behind her?) Deep Breath (mmmm fried gnome) and Adds (also known as More Whelps, Handle Them).

So the first thing I did yesterday was log in and start up a group for this….it should be easy right? Oh how wrong I was when dealing with the common pug people. I explain the fight to everyone and specifically tell them where to go on each phase and what to do (everyone run to left on pull and go to back of room, kill adds on phase 2 then torch ony, don’t get caught in deep breath). I then ask does everyone understand what I said and are there any questions. No questions. Excellent lets see how this goes.

Try 1 lasted about 25 seconds.  Some people didn’t quite get the run to the left and not right into the giant dragon tail and we got a ton of adds and I got no heals cause people were dead. This is the point I knew this was not going to be a good raid. Alright take 2. Re explain the whole run to the left concept for the brain dead and ask if they understood. Yep! Ok lets do this. Pull the boss and wow everyone ran to the left so we are ok there. Boss gets tucked nice and neat into her little corner and we enter phase 2 with little effort. Everyone runs to the center for some whelp gathering and me and off tank pic up all the adds. Well slight issue….dps seems to have lost their ae buttons so we still have adds up when the big add comes and now Onyxia is ready to deep breath the raid. So I take our friendly neighborhood dragonman over to the wall because Ony wants me to have a date with her Deep Breath, but I am not having any of that. Unfortunately most of our dps was not so lucky and were all about Ony’s affections and ended up getting roasted to a crisp.  That ends up in a wipe. Take 3 looked pretty similar to take 2 sadly and thats about when my patience for the pug was over and some of the others patience ended too so we broke that up.

My normal guild raid group ended up doing Ony later that night. Fortunately they are really good and we ended up getting 3/4 achievements and there was really no incidents. Easy dragon is still pretty easy after all.


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