MMO Champion and business

October 1, 2009

So MMO-Champion decided to put up 2 posts with ways to make money on the auction house. 1 of those posts was on my favorite way to make money at this time, Inscription. It was also on my other favorite way to make money, Jewelcrafting/Disenchanting.

At the moment this isn’t affecting my business too much other then raising the price of herbs on my server slightly. It seems there are not enough people out there who work Jewelcrafting and Enchanting to make Saronite ore on my server move from its current price of 13g per stack.

What it has done is let me sell a ton of my excess mats such as Snowfall Inks (for cards) and raw green quality gems for around 2.5-3g per gem. Seems like a pretty good deal to me since they were going for half  that prior to this mess and it allows me to bust saronite ore without having to turn it into enchanting mats for profit since infinite dust goes for around 3.3g on my server per dust. I figure this windfall saves me around 2 hours a week on average and allowed me to turn a 5.5kg gold day yesterday alone.

It seems on my server we now have a new influx of Inscriptionists which is amusing because all of their glyphs are getting undercut all to hell. I expect these new baby goblins to be out of the business in about a week because they won’t have a clean setup going and the current inscriptionists on the market are undercutting by 20-40s per post today with an average repost of 3-4 times daily.  Most of the inscriptionists on my server also have a low thresh hold where they no longer post which is right around 2.4g-3g.  We should hit these prices on most glyphs in a few days if people are trying to push into our market. I know for myself going down to even 1.5g I would still turn a profit on any glyph dumped that low due to selling off all my snowfalls as opposed to making cards out of them at this time which allows me to profit off every glyph I sell above 1g.

I give the market about a week to eject all the new weak willed wanna be goblins and level back out with the 2-3 new people sharing the market.


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