Being Successful and Burning things back to the ground

October 8, 2009

So my budding glyph business started to become a complete success and I have gotten on the radar of some prominent herb farmers on my server.  So much so that I started to receive lots of whispers to buy herbs this week. I think it was mainly because I stopped buying herbs for about a week because prices had sky rocketed on my server by an additional 5-6 gold per stack. There is no way I am paying 23-25g for a stack of adder’s tongues.

One herb farmer wanted to sell me stacks of herbs at 19g a stack. That was definitely a no go since I buy stacks at 17.5g or less only. The next day I get whispers to buy herbs at 18g a stack. I end up haggling a little bit with that person and get them down to 17g a stack and I buy up all the stacks of herbs that they have.  Unfortunately I was unable to talk them into coding me herbs, but I can live with stocking up now and then when I log on in the evenings or during the days on the weekends.

All of this seems fine and dandy but MMO-Champion decided now was a great time to put up a guide on how to make money with inscription.  What this means is glyph prices are going to be going nuts for a while.  They were posting to put glyphs up for only over 6g a glyph. Seems ok to me since I still make plenty of money on glyphs below that target number.  They also mention to only undercut by 1c.  I figure well this is going to be easy work dropping prices down on glyphs for the next week or so.  Little did I know that some people were using this as an opportunity to reset glyph prices to an upper level.

I run my normal gamut of log in after work and dump my glyphs into the auction house, which is normally after all the other sellers have already dumped theirs in for the evening. I log over to my dk and do what I plan on doing that night, then clear mailbox of profits on my shaman later that night and recarft glyphs and repost before sleep.  This normally works as a great cycle for me since I can walk prices down and move people out of the market over night as well. What I didn’t realize is that with most of the glyphs in the high price range more people were sticking around to undercut me for the insane profits it would provide. So I log into my shaman and check my mailbox and it is empty.  This of course does not bode well for my competitors because I am not a happy camper since I had just spent the last month scaring away competition so I could start raking in the money.

This leads to the new method. Dumping glyph prices to rock bottom in a very short time. 12 hour repost cycles with 1g undercut and no glyph going up above 15g now. This should hopefully scare away some more competition and make me a happy camper in the long run. Either way someone will be leaving this market and it won’t be me in the long run.


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