October 13, 2009

So I have been carpet bombing my auction house with glyph after glyph pushing prices into the dirt. Most of the big inscriptionists are not too keen on going below my thresh hold for glyphs so I tend to bottom out the market fairly quickly and have pushed a bunch of people out of certain glyphs all together already.  There are the few that are still fighting with me on other glyphs though and every now and then they will post below my thresh hold and suck up a loss.  Some have even moved over to selling snowfall inks in a move to try and staunch some of their losses on the glyphs. This has pushed snowfall inks down to record lows on the auction house because they are looking to make money any way they can, but for the time being it is not through glyphs.

Most of my snowfalls have been used to make runescrolls for selling and for raiding on my 2 level 80’s, so in essence those cost very little if anything at all when I figure in sales of other items.

Currently we have 92 pages of glyphs on my auction house and I am hoping to drop this back down to the 72 pages it was 3 weeks ago. I figure a few more weeks of carpet bombing and dumping the prices into the dirt should shake out a few more glyph sellers.

The effects of the carpet bombing could be felt as early as this past Sunday when someone was dumping back stock of herbs on the auction house and I managed to get around 20 stacks of icethorn for around 9g a piece and a bunch of adders tongue at around 14g a piece. What this means for me is I now have a bank tab full of herbs to start milling again and can raise the numbers on my stacks of glyphs in my bags to a bit higher level so I wont have to craft as much on a daily basis.

On another note. Our 10 man raiding cleared the second boss in Heroic TOC before we decided to call it a night. I was hoping we would just take 1 shot at heroic Faction Champs but it looked painful so maybe next week. Tonight we also extended our raid lockout on Ulduar 10 man so we could work on Firefighter. I expect lots of pain in our future.


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