What makes a goblin?

October 20, 2009

Many socials look at goblins as these green eyed gold grubbing monsters who would sell their own mothers to make a dime. I am here to say that not all goblins are heartless bastards ready to take the money and run.

Goblins do have a very particular mindset that allows them to prosper even in a poor market. Goblins are inventive which allows them to work around the system and leverage the things that will benefit them most in the long run. Throughout the blog sphere we have seen goblins that have leveraged raids into benefiting themselves (ninja looters do not count), many goblins who leverage many tradeskill markets even when people whine and complain that its too hard or there is no profit in that market.

Inscription for many of the socials complained that this market has no profit and is way to difficult to deal with. Goblins did the actual math, found or created addons to help with making this market easy to manage due to automation. When materials were scarce they went and found farmers who would sell well below auction house prices and would be able to continue to sell in mass quantities. When competition arrived they adapted to either push the people out of the market via crashing it or sold them materials they had been collecting for more profit then they would have gained by continuing in the market. MMO champion helped prove this to many goblins on different servers. When those posts went up we didn’t lament that our gold making strategies were about to get nuked. We adapted by buying up all the materials and selling for insane profits to the M&S who thought they could beat us at something we are more adaptable with. Goblins then crashed markets of the finished products to push those out who had just bought all the inflated material priced goods. There was very little whining to be had and much gold making because another goblin thought he would help others prosper off the backs of his goblin brethren, when in the end all he did was force us to adapt out of our same old routines and wake us up. Really I have to ask was the MMO-champ articles aimed more at the M&S who thought these were get rich schemes or more for the goblins who also read the site as a way to wake them up and make us be more innovative in our tactics again.

Goblins are also the 1 stabilizing factor of the economies of a server. If your server did not have goblins in it then you could see prices fluctuate at such an insane rate as to make buying things on your server a hassle almost not worth dealing with. The goblin crafters keep the farmers in business. Without the goblins the farmers would not make nearly the money that they do and prices for stacks of things would fall into the range of almost nothing if the farmers kept farming without the massive buyouts of the goblins. If the farmers left the market, supplies of items would float so high as to be unaffordable to anyone in the long run.

In the end we need these goblins on our servers to help economies grow and prosper and to allow the little guy  to buy things at a reasonable price. And you never know you could end up in a guild like mine where a goblin hides and every now and then supplies some people with something special from the work they have done. Just because goblins tend to prosper doesn’t mean they don’t share with the little guy now and then.


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