Gold DKP

November 30, 2009

Lately on my server there is a single gold dkp run each week for toc 25 man. I read about this on my server boards and decided that this would be a good way to gear my character I only use for 10 mans in some of the best in slot items from 25 man.

For those unfamiliar with gold dkp:

Instead of bidding with points you bid with gold for items. At the end of the run all of the gold is split between the raid.

What this means is boe’s tend to get bid up to a decent level for profit to the buyers. There is no complaining over loot because you only bid to what it is worth to you. You can make a decent profit for 1-2 hours of your time.

I have been on 2 of these gold dkp runs so far and they have both been very successful. The first gold dkp run I spent 9k gold for: Misery’s End, Leggings of the Deepening Void (got cheap just incase I want to shuffle gear around), 2 Trophies of the Crusader. I received 1564 gold back for my efforts there that day. The second gold dkp run I did I payed 2100 gold for 1 Trophy of the Crusader and received 2196 gold back that day (net profit 96 gold not counting boss gold).

The good thing about gold dkp runs is that it is not like a traditional pug where if you wipe 1-2 times people just start leaving. The reason being is if you leave during the middle of the run or do some insanely stupid things and get yourself booted from the raid, you get no gold. The gold is only split at the end of the run which is after the last boss dies.  This keeps everyone in the raid and everyone trying their hardest to drop the bosses because they don’t want to be left out of the split at the end.

I actually plan on doing this more until I get the trinket off Anub because really that is what I am there for and even if I don’t win the trinket off of him I will make a healthy profit and not have to worry about it in the end.

P.S. If you have these running on your server make sure they are reputable and if they are and you need upgrades or just need money I highly suggest you join them.


Shadowmourne Information

November 19, 2009

You can find the stats here

Ok now that everyone is done drooling.

Some information on the quests

Step 1
Go collect Arthas’s Hammer from that cave in Dragon Blight……..oh fight off 70+ zombies while you do it (bring friends they respawn super fast) then kill the elite that spawns. Collect 25 Primordial Saronite (the new crusaders orbs of the patch) then go kill the 2 abominations in Icecrown and get their blood.

Step 2
Go fight Professor Putricide and use his potions to mutate yourself then absorb the mutated slime and defeat him.

Step 3
Go visit Queen Lana’thel. You must absorb her blood mirror powers and then defeat her.

Step 4
Fight Sindrogosa and absorb 3 of her frozen breaths without dieing and then defeat her.

Step 5
Collect 60 shards of the Frozen Throne from Ice Crown (may be lowered to 45 and they probably come from bosses)

Step 6
Feed your weapon 1000 souls from Ice Crown (may be completed on 10 or 25 man raids)

Looks like the first part is going to be the most expensive part of this with the 25 primordial saronite if you were to buy them will probably cost between 1500-2000 each in the first few months of the patch.

My goal is hopefully to have the first part completed by a month after the patch maybe sooner if I get lucky on purchasing the orbs, but I expect to be drained of alot of the cash I saved up for the past 6 months after this.

In the end it should be worth it to be able to be the first person in my guild to wield Shadowmourne unless they make it so that hard modes are the only way to complete the quest and only on 25 man.

Well my farmer has been keeping up with his end of the bargain and sending me mats every day to keep me in business, but now I am flooded in mats for glyphs mainly because I have had very little time to keep up with my glyph business.  I am sitting on a bank tab and a half of herbs to mill and a full bank tab of inks to make into glyphs.

To try and combat a little bit of this I have been upping the number of glyphs I keep on hand each time I recraft glyphs. I used to keep 5 of each on hand permanently and now I am slowly creeping up to the magic number of 9 on hand permanently. By getting up to 9 on hand I can up the amount posted on a daily basis and work from there.

I have also been reselling the eternal lifes that my farmer sends on a daily basis because my snowfall ink is not keeping up with the amount of eternal life that I receive daily. I originally told my farmer to just send 2 stacks whenever he got up to that much and I did not need 2 stacks daily.  I have received 2 stacks daily for the last 2 months. Not that I am complaining because the eternal lifes I receive are very cheap and I make a hefty profit just reselling them on the auction house.

This weekend is going to be the big clearing of the bank in crafting glyphs and getting a bunched moved over the weekend. I will probably do a lot of camping which I really hate doing but I need to start moving product and I have been very lazy lately about doing in.

Quick update

November 16, 2009

Just posting a quick update since I have been out with H1N1 and then off to a major Magic the Gathering Tourney in Minneapolis this past weekend.

Current gold liquid is 87k after spending a bunch on materials this past week.

Bought a bunch of borean leather to turn into heavy borean leather while waiting for the next patch so I can turn it all into arctic fur.

The glyph business is going slow and steady, but I finally have enough inks to start flooding the market at a rapid rate to boot some of the other glyph makers out of it in the near future.  I also need to catch up on my tab and a half of herbs I need to mill.

With some information from mmo-champion it seems that the Nobles Deck is in no danger of going anywhere in pricing after the patch so have no fear.

Cut back

November 3, 2009

Well I had been out sick with the dreaded H1N1 this past week so no new updates in a while. Now I should be back in the swing of things.

I am currently working on selling off all the decks of cards I created this month for the faire which should equal out to around 30kg so far I have sold 11k worth of decks. Not too bad for the first couple days.

With the illness I also cut back a bit on the glyph business and this week am only posting 1 big batch 1 time daily so I dont have to work as hard and I am experimenting to see how this strategy works on my server as compared to the other strategies.  So far it seems to be paying off for the weekdays.

My rare raptor hunt is going well I am up to an extra 4 leaping hatchlings, 1 darting hatchling, and 3 razormaw hatchlings. This weekend I am going to be farming the Elusive razzashi hatchlings and hoping to fill a bag with those little suckers.