Cut back

November 3, 2009

Well I had been out sick with the dreaded H1N1 this past week so no new updates in a while. Now I should be back in the swing of things.

I am currently working on selling off all the decks of cards I created this month for the faire which should equal out to around 30kg so far I have sold 11k worth of decks. Not too bad for the first couple days.

With the illness I also cut back a bit on the glyph business and this week am only posting 1 big batch 1 time daily so I dont have to work as hard and I am experimenting to see how this strategy works on my server as compared to the other strategies.  So far it seems to be paying off for the weekdays.

My rare raptor hunt is going well I am up to an extra 4 leaping hatchlings, 1 darting hatchling, and 3 razormaw hatchlings. This weekend I am going to be farming the Elusive razzashi hatchlings and hoping to fill a bag with those little suckers.


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