Quick update

November 16, 2009

Just posting a quick update since I have been out with H1N1 and then off to a major Magic the Gathering Tourney in Minneapolis this past weekend.

Current gold liquid is 87k after spending a bunch on materials this past week.

Bought a bunch of borean leather to turn into heavy borean leather while waiting for the next patch so I can turn it all into arctic fur.

The glyph business is going slow and steady, but I finally have enough inks to start flooding the market at a rapid rate to boot some of the other glyph makers out of it in the near future.  I also need to catch up on my tab and a half of herbs I need to mill.

With some information from mmo-champion it seems that the Nobles Deck is in no danger of going anywhere in pricing after the patch so have no fear.


2 Responses to “Quick update”

  1. sn0n said

    correction: the mmo-c article references in the 5 man version… in 10 and 25 there will be a replacement easily… speculation is just that… speculation..

    • kamiken1 said

      I definitely expect upgrades in the 10 and 25 man version of ice crown and would be disappointed if there were not any. The majority of the player base though will be running the 5 mans and not the 10 and 25 mans. With this in mind Nobles decks should hold value and not tank in price.

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