Flooded in mats, but too lazy to do anything

November 18, 2009

Well my farmer has been keeping up with his end of the bargain and sending me mats every day to keep me in business, but now I am flooded in mats for glyphs mainly because I have had very little time to keep up with my glyph business.  I am sitting on a bank tab and a half of herbs to mill and a full bank tab of inks to make into glyphs.

To try and combat a little bit of this I have been upping the number of glyphs I keep on hand each time I recraft glyphs. I used to keep 5 of each on hand permanently and now I am slowly creeping up to the magic number of 9 on hand permanently. By getting up to 9 on hand I can up the amount posted on a daily basis and work from there.

I have also been reselling the eternal lifes that my farmer sends on a daily basis because my snowfall ink is not keeping up with the amount of eternal life that I receive daily. I originally told my farmer to just send 2 stacks whenever he got up to that much and I did not need 2 stacks daily.  I have received 2 stacks daily for the last 2 months. Not that I am complaining because the eternal lifes I receive are very cheap and I make a hefty profit just reselling them on the auction house.

This weekend is going to be the big clearing of the bank in crafting glyphs and getting a bunched moved over the weekend. I will probably do a lot of camping which I really hate doing but I need to start moving product and I have been very lazy lately about doing in.


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