Shadowmourne Information

November 19, 2009

You can find the stats here

Ok now that everyone is done drooling.

Some information on the quests

Step 1
Go collect Arthas’s Hammer from that cave in Dragon Blight……..oh fight off 70+ zombies while you do it (bring friends they respawn super fast) then kill the elite that spawns. Collect 25 Primordial Saronite (the new crusaders orbs of the patch) then go kill the 2 abominations in Icecrown and get their blood.

Step 2
Go fight Professor Putricide and use his potions to mutate yourself then absorb the mutated slime and defeat him.

Step 3
Go visit Queen Lana’thel. You must absorb her blood mirror powers and then defeat her.

Step 4
Fight Sindrogosa and absorb 3 of her frozen breaths without dieing and then defeat her.

Step 5
Collect 60 shards of the Frozen Throne from Ice Crown (may be lowered to 45 and they probably come from bosses)

Step 6
Feed your weapon 1000 souls from Ice Crown (may be completed on 10 or 25 man raids)

Looks like the first part is going to be the most expensive part of this with the 25 primordial saronite if you were to buy them will probably cost between 1500-2000 each in the first few months of the patch.

My goal is hopefully to have the first part completed by a month after the patch maybe sooner if I get lucky on purchasing the orbs, but I expect to be drained of alot of the cash I saved up for the past 6 months after this.

In the end it should be worth it to be able to be the first person in my guild to wield Shadowmourne unless they make it so that hard modes are the only way to complete the quest and only on 25 man.


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