Gold DKP

November 30, 2009

Lately on my server there is a single gold dkp run each week for toc 25 man. I read about this on my server boards and decided that this would be a good way to gear my character I only use for 10 mans in some of the best in slot items from 25 man.

For those unfamiliar with gold dkp:

Instead of bidding with points you bid with gold for items. At the end of the run all of the gold is split between the raid.

What this means is boe’s tend to get bid up to a decent level for profit to the buyers. There is no complaining over loot because you only bid to what it is worth to you. You can make a decent profit for 1-2 hours of your time.

I have been on 2 of these gold dkp runs so far and they have both been very successful. The first gold dkp run I spent 9k gold for: Misery’s End, Leggings of the Deepening Void (got cheap just incase I want to shuffle gear around), 2 Trophies of the Crusader. I received 1564 gold back for my efforts there that day. The second gold dkp run I did I payed 2100 gold for 1 Trophy of the Crusader and received 2196 gold back that day (net profit 96 gold not counting boss gold).

The good thing about gold dkp runs is that it is not like a traditional pug where if you wipe 1-2 times people just start leaving. The reason being is if you leave during the middle of the run or do some insanely stupid things and get yourself booted from the raid, you get no gold. The gold is only split at the end of the run which is after the last boss dies.  This keeps everyone in the raid and everyone trying their hardest to drop the bosses because they don’t want to be left out of the split at the end.

I actually plan on doing this more until I get the trinket off Anub because really that is what I am there for and even if I don’t win the trinket off of him I will make a healthy profit and not have to worry about it in the end.

P.S. If you have these running on your server make sure they are reputable and if they are and you need upgrades or just need money I highly suggest you join them.


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