Patch 3.3 and gold making.

December 9, 2009

There are a lot of money making strategies to be used in this patch. New pets, new glyphs, new turn ins, transmutes off cooldown, new gear that needs enchants and gems.

For those of you reading I hope you got into the market on Heavy Borean Leather -> Arctic Furs quickly and if you didn’t and still have the Heavy Borean Leather I would try you luck just selling that for a while. The same is also true with Saronite Bars -> Titanium Bars. At this point just sell the saronite since it is starting to move up in price quickly.  With Saronite going up in price you can expect uncommon quality gems to slowly creep up in price as well as enchanting materials to move up in price.

The new vendor pets seem to be getting a lot less play out there with players and this should be a great money maker for those willing to front a little bit of money for a good return. With max faction you should be able to purchase these new pets for 40g each and then walk over to the auction house and make a tidy profit off them. I also noticed that there is a bug with the auction house with these. I noticed when posting them I didn’t see a deposit and when I received my money from the mail box it was the same exact price I posted the pets at. Of course in my frantic run to get these posted I may have just missed that I was posting them at a price where the 5% cut was the exact cost of the deposit.  Also when selling these pets DO NOT OFFER THEM IN TRADE CHANNEL. You are just asking to get undercut on the auction house as well as called an idiot by the masses and leak to many of the M&S that would buy from you the information that they are on a vendor.

If you have epic gems in stock you should be cutting the popular cuts and off loading them on the auction house a few at a time. Sales are pretty brisk at this time and it has been difficult to keep many gems in stock.

The new glyph recipes are from the vendor in Dalaran and are a limited buy but they respawn quickly. Even still you can sell these recipes on the auction house for a tidy profit. As for the new glyphs expect some heavy competition, but if you are a camper you can make a tidy profit from these glyphs quickly as people snatch them up all week. Be ready for the weekend where they should continue to move as the crowd that logs in during that time crashes through the auction house.

Overall I may not be the largest player in the gold game out there but just from yesterday I made a very tidy profit just working these angles. 4k for 30 minutes worth of work and no camping made for a very good gold day.


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