How I hit 100k gold

December 21, 2009

As some of you have noticed who have read the first of my posts I started off making my money off enchanting materials and tailoring (netherweave bags) with a whopping starting capital of 666 gold (evil I know). That start got me into the 10k gold range in about a month. Kind of slow for someone who was motivated to hit gold cap eventually I know, but everyone has to learn at their own pace.

With 10k gold in my pocket I started thinking about ways I could speed up this process. I already had an alt I had started leveling jewelcrafting on a long time ago and was already level 61 so it just needed 4 levels to be able to max out it’s professions. I also got the bright idea from many other bloggers that inscription may be the way to go for another big boost in gold. I quickly leveled my shaman to 65 through battle grounds since that character was resto and I was being cheap and didnt want to respec. With that done I leveled up my professions and started to make some money.

Gradually I put my netherweave bag business to the side since there were multiple people jumping into the waters on that one and it was no longer making the money that I wanted from it. The shaman started off doing the saronite shuffle with help from my enchanter and started to rake in fast cash off enchanting materials. I also started the long long grind of learning all of the glyphs.

Eventually when I had learned enough glyphs I starting making inscription as my primary means of money making. My strategy has always been to work the most profitable market and leave the others as backup in case the current market turns sour. I do this mainly so that I have time to actually play the game and raid with my 2 level 80’s. This does make it a lot harder to make 10k a week but I am quite happy with my 30 mins of auction house work daily for 500-1k gold a day. This does change though when the Darkmoon Faire comes to town and in that 1 week I generally make 20-40k gold.

In general I use 1 character for all of my glyphs that I post which means a travel back to the bank when I go to get the next batch to post. I only sell glyphs that have an average cost on my server of 3g or over which means I have cut a lot of space out of my inventory of various leveling glyphs and a few useless glyphs that get flooded regularly below that price. I run 8 full inscription bags of glyphs and I currently know all of the glyphs in the game. I keep around 1.5k-2k inks on hand for anything I may need to make at any time. I keep stacks of glyphs between 5-10 depending on popularity and I tend to restock daily.

This is the basics of how I work my business. There isn’t much to it and there is a low upkeep for it so I can do lots of other things.


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