Results of Primordial Saronite Predictions

January 6, 2010

Well it appears my main server is an anomaly in terms of Primordial Saronite prices while on other servers I am on have done exactly as I predicted price would do. Prices on the 2 other servers I frequent other then my main one all dipped to around 1400g at the end of last week and then have been creeping back up in price to around 1500-1600g which I suspect by Fri. to reach 1700-1800g.  My main server on the other hand has not had the price of Primordial Saronite move in 2 weeks. Average auction house price seems to be around 2700g though if you work through the trade channel you can snag some between 2300-2500g. Populations on each of these servers is about the same, but age of the servers is where the difference is.

My main server is one of the original WOW servers while the others are only a couple years old. It stands to reason that my server has a lot more gold floating around on it and the more desirable items will stay at a premium for longer then on other servers. It also seems our stable price on those items is higher then on other servers. The anomaly in all of this is that items that are used on a regular basis are much cheaper then on the other servers. In general I can get trade skill materials at a much cheaper price on my main server then on any of the other servers that I play on.

So with all of this information how does it affect my gold production. It means there are more materials out there and a lot of competition to get those materials sold which makes it cheap for me to produce things. Unfortunately I am just one of the many who keep those producers in business and with it being so cheap to get in on the ground floor of any auction house business it means I have a lot of competition in whatever I do.  I don’t have an interest in choking out the competition by locking down the supply because with so many farmers it makes no sense because they could just refill the auction house faster then I could buy it out and make a hefty profit while doing it. So it looks like I have to deal with the situation at hand and not worry about it and just wait it out a bit longer then a normal server would have.


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