Experimenting on a new server

January 12, 2010

I have a few friends who play on a pvp server and figured I would start up a character over there and of course the quickest way to catch up to them in Wrath was starting a Death Knight. Since I play a DK on my main server as a tank this will not be an issue of relearning a class. Also with starting up a new character on this server I have no clue on the economy of this server yet and am just winging it for the time being.

Even with all of this lack of economy knowledge at this time I have managed to scrape up around 75g just from leaving the dk starting area by saving every scrap of cloth, all the white items, and all the uncommon items to sell on the auction house. This allowed me to pay for my glyphs right away out of the starting area and have some left to invest.

With that said the first 2 “professions” I am starting with is mining and skinning and the next few hours of play time will be towards working these up to respectable levels so that I may keep up with them as I actually level. This lead me to Silvermoon since I can farm the the dragon hawks and lynx’s for meat, leather, and eggs in one fell swoop. I will have to do a bit more research on where to find the best farming spots for leather and mining for the horde to make a smooth transition of areas.

In between the farming sessions I am joining the PVP que to beat on the alliance a bit, which is extremely odd since I am so used to playing alliance on my normal server. This also allows me to get Epic gems eventually to supplement my income on this server and a nice chunk of exp every day.

Overall I hope to see where this ends up after the next few months.

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