Week 1 Experiment + Bonus Pug Rant

January 18, 2010

Week 1 of my experiment is over with my now level 61 DK (only char on server) on my friend’s server. My gold after purchasing flying at level 60 is 2400g. Mining is at 304 and skinning is at 307. So in essence I have made around 3000g gold in 6 levels on this server. Most of it has been me using smelting to make bronze bars. The profit on this server is ridiculous just for this item. Tin bar/ore 18g a stack, copper ore/bar 8g a stack = 40 bronze bars which go for 39g a stack! So I spend 26g and get 78g back. Seems like a pretty good deal to me. This has been a majority of my profits on this server so far since all I am trying to do is just keep my mining skill appropriate for my level so I can (inc curse word) farm up some titanium when I hit the mid 70’s to fund my change over to inscription/something else. I am guessing half way through the 60’s I should be able to get epic flying to speed up the process of running around a bit more, though with not being able to fly in Northrend till 77 on this character it may wait and be reinvested in other things to make more gold.

On a final note for week 1 I want to say to the people out there who are poor while leveling. You are doing it wrong! Did you sell that stack of rune cloth to a vendor…..then you are a moron. Did you sell that piece of green BOE gear to a vendor……Hi moron! Oh I know I used to be one of those morons, but then I became enlightened by other auction house gurus. The only thing anymore that gets sold to a vendor is something that is grey…..everything else goes on the auction house. It so insanely easy to make gold in this game that anyone can have 10k by level 80.

Now onto pug madness. Like everyone else in the game its the trendy thing to do pugs, and well to bitch about pugs too. Normally I don’t care about damage the puggies are doing since they are there basically to speed up my tanks run through a heroic. Last night though I had my fill of slacker dps because it was taking longer then normal to get through trash mobs. Before we even got to the first boss I was doing 50% of the groups damage! The group at this time was politely informed to pick up the dps. Most of the dps was in blues but 1k dps is abysmal even for blue geared people. 1k dps is what a level 70 does not a level 80. Even a slacker can pull 1.5k dps in blue gear. The kicker was one of the lowest dps players in the group was in almost all epics! The other epic’d person was a warrior in all furious pvp gear.

After that first explanation stating I was not about to carry slackers through a dungeon and for them to pick it up thing started to get a little bit faster. None of them still outdpsed my whopping 2300 dps as tank and I still ended up pulling 35% of the groups damage.

I think my new thing is I am going to start vote kicking slackers half way through the dungeons. Now slackers are not the under geared folks that know their class. I am talking about the morons who are pulling 1k or below dps in a heroic. The people who have reflexes of a stoned sloth. Its far faster to get a new dps then to deal with people who afk a bunch or just refuse to learn or try.


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