Week 2 experiment and well I’m an asshole

January 26, 2010

So the second week of my experiment has ended and well I got really busy/lazy this week and only did 2 auction house posts on my new dk and played about 3 hours total to hit level 64. Ending gold for this week is 3600g. Not too bad for almost 0 effort put in this week. Bronze bars still seems to be where it is at for my “crafting” though I should probably pay a bit more attention to steel bars.

So now onto why I am an asshole. I don’t post the arrow trick anymore even though it was cheesy and a great money maker. I no longer piss off most scribes on my server with 1g undercuts just to be amusing. I do boot people from my ICC 5 man heroics though for doing less dps then my tank.

So here is your warning if you see Kamishi a DK tank in your ICC 5 man group and you don’t think you can pull 2.5k dps in your full epic’d out character you might as well leave right away and save yourself the boot after your 15 minute grace period is up because I will be booting you and if you don’t like it you can boot me from the group and I won’t mind because my ques are still instant. Pulls will stop at the 15 min mark and I will inform the group why they have stopped with a recount posting in group chat. Oh and if there are 2 of you slackers in my group I will just boot the lower dps one and pull a bit more till I can boot you as well, so don’t think you are safe either. Feel free to call me whatever you want on the way out the instance as well if my group is being idiotic and not booting you. I refuse to carry bads through ICC 5 mans. Any other 5 man I will carry your sorry excuse for dps through because I can solo those instances without you and the only thing you are doing is making it a bit faster for me to do so.

So here is to you Mr. 1.5k dps hunter who died running to the group after I just booted a 2k dps fury warrior with 2 or 5 items gemmed/chanted, got lost on the way to the instance to recover his corpse, died to poison nova, and informed me that he had never seen the end boss of this instance. Btw I promptly informed him he would still not be seeing the end boss of Heroic POS, which he responded huh? And then 57 seconds later his timer expired and he was promptly booted.


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