Boss Design (fun post)

January 29, 2010

For those of you who are only interested in making money on the auction house this post is not for you. You have been warned. I am posting this because I had an idea for an interesting boss design that I really haven’t seen done before and could be a lot of fun if something was ever designed like this.


Boss: Night Elf Priest Jessabell Vana’thol

HP: 5,000,000 (10 man) 15,000,000 (25 man)


Mass Dispell – Removes up to 15 self cast debuffs and  buffs per friendly character  in the room and provides Empowered Nova Charges per Empowered Renew dispelled this way. Cast just prior to her Empowered Nova.

Empowered Renew – casts every 2 seconds (1 second on hard mode) stackable, heals for 2k per stack on a friendly target, stacks up to 5 times, is cast as a magic debuff on pcs

Empowered Nova – Casts every 30 seconds. 1 second cast time. Deals 2k damage per charge to entire room, removes all charges after cast, breaks mind control.

Additional Factors in fight:

Untargetable Evil Character

Raises 5 weak undead allies every 10 seconds

Raises 2 Very Strong undead allies every 15 seconds

Pulses a 3k ae damage to the entire room per every 2 seconds (1 second on hard mode)

Mind Control: Targets Jessabell and mind controls her. No end duration. 2 second cast time, 30 second recast.

The basic premise of this fight being an execution fight with multiple decisions involved. Your dps time on the boss will only be in 30 second intervals with 30 second breaks. You must decide how many empowered renews you would like floating around on characters in the raid because you will receive 15 of them on normal mode prior to the mass dispell and if you don’t remove the Empowered Renews off your raid they will stack up and kill you when she Nova’s. If you leave the Empowered Renews up though it will greatly help with your raid healing of the ae damage. It will be a fine balance as well because after the first mass dispell you will no longer have any buffs other then totems and you will have to deal with increasing numbers of undead over time if your dps is slacking. You will also receive no Empowered Renews on your raid when it is time to dps the boss, but the undead will receive them and they must be dispelled or you eat a lot of damage when she Nova’s again.

Basic Fight Run Down:

Enagage. Jessabell is friendly and starts casting Empowered Renew’s on the raid. First set of undead spawn, 5 weak. 10 Seconds later another 5 weak undead spawn. 5 Seconds after this 2 Strong undead spawn. 5 Seconds later more weak undead spawn. 10 Seconds later, Mass Dispell, Mind Control is being cast, 2 strong and 5 weak undead spawn, Empowered Nova begins it’s cast. 1 Second later Empowered Nova. 1 Second Later Mind Control goes off. Begin P2 – Boss dps time, at least one person must be on dispell duty off the undead. All abilities continue on their rotation in the fight. 30 seconds later she Nova’s and becomes friendly again and begin P1 again.

Anyways this is my half baked rough sketch which needs to be clean up a bit but fun and something new.


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