The Auction House….via the armory?

February 2, 2010

There is a new post up on MMO-champion that states blizzard current is developing a way to access the auction house via the armory so that you can buy/sell when you are not logged into the game. They also mentioned some of the features may be a premium service. What does this mean for the auction house guru’s out there?

Let’s first take a look at the pro’s of something like this for our community. We can find deals on the fly. Oh look Primordial Saronite just popped up on the auction house for 1200g, thanks mr. doesn’t have a clue! We can post our own auctions when we are unable to log into the game. Overall this makes things much more accessible for the public and will get more traffic for people buying our goods.

The cons. Our addons probably won’t work for this. This gives our wonderful friends in China more access to the game allowing them to compete if they so choose a bit easier then if they just had access via the game.

Overall I think this may be a good thing for our community but we will have to see how this develops to really be sure of the outcome.


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