3.3.3 = $$?

February 23, 2010

With everyone scouring the patch notes already there are some things that stand out for the auction house guru. The first and most important being is you will be able to trade in your Frozen Orbs for various tradeskill materials. The most important of which is Frost Lotuses. The others include all the various eternals.

As many of you have already noticed, Frozen Orbs have doubled in price since this announcement. The great thing about this is that Frost Lotus on my server at least has not budged in price. If you have a back stock of Frost Lotus though you may want to start dumping it on the auction house now. It doesn’t matter if you will need it or not in a few weeks. The reason being is when this patch comes out expect Frost Lotus to fall 33%-50% in value overnight. Basically just dump what you have and then buy back what you need after the patch and you should have almost double the Frost Lotus that you used to have for the same price.

Many of you are thinking….wow this is going to be awesome, but I haven’t talked about the negative impact on other markets because of this.  Frost Lotuses dropping by 50% of their value will cause other things to rise in price quickly. Particularly Lichbloom will see a jump in price and to a lesser extent Goldclover and Icethorn. So you should probably start investing in these items for a moderate profit.

The next thing I would like to talk about is the removal of the cooldowns on specialized cloth. Ebonweave, Spellweave, and Moonweave will all have their cooldowns removed. Glacial Bags will have a cooldown put on them though. Some of the fallout from this decision is that there will be more epic crafted tailoring gear on the market, and glacial bags will become harder to come by. You may see a jump in glacial bag pricing, but I wouldn’t imagine it being a big jump. Top end epic cloth items should see a reduction in cost though.

Another major change for all of us mod users is the Auction House interface modifications. They are doing a major overhaul to how the Auction House functions. Expect your mods to be broken right after the patch. The good thing is that you can prepare for this by posting on Monday/Tuesday(europeans) night with auctions for longer that you normally do to try and hold down your market until you can get all of your mods up and running again while your competition scrambles to get theirs fixed as well.

These are just some of the major things you should expect on patch day and I will try and write up another post with more information later on this week.


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