Are you prepared?

March 22, 2010

3.3.3 is almost upon us and hopefully you are all sitting on a large stack of frozen orbs, various eternals, infinite dust, primordial saronite, frostweave bolts, icethorn, lichbloom, goldclover, and titanium bars. You may be thinking that is an odd assortment of items  to be sitting on for this patch.

Well if the little light bulb hasn’t popped up yet I shall give you a hint. All of those items are going to be used for crafting either flasks or 264 boe purples. Frozen orbs will be turned into frost lotus. Frost lotuses should drop in price quick, but those frozen orbs hopefully you bought on the super cheap so you should make a good profit off those.

All of the other mats you may want to be turning around and flipping since everyone and their brother will be scrambling to pick those up with cooldowns removed off everything you will be needing to make 264 boe epics. Any boe 264 crafted epics you have out there now you may want to try and get sold tonight post haste because those will be dropping fairly quickly. On a positive note though your primordial saronites that you stocked up on will be making a price jump for a few weeks while people are scrambling to buy those up for crafting.

Have a happy patch day and bury your competition under your mountain of gold.


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