3.3.3 Results so far

March 24, 2010

Results of predictions so far on my server have been luke warm for some things and spot on for others. The change from Monday to Tuesday on prices of many things jumped drastically due to changes in cooldowns. The price of all of the cloths dropped immediately by 30-40 gold. The prices for all 3 of the eternals to make these cloths jumped by 2x -4x the amount over night. Frost lotuses dropped another 10g on my server. Frozen orbs went up in cost by 13g more. Apparently there is so much back stock of infinite dust that it didn’t budge at all in price. Titanium bars jumped in price from 12g to 25g. Saronite bars also took a jump in price, yet the ore did not. So for you smiths this may be a good way to make some extra cash at this time. Primordial Saronite has yet to jump in price, but that may be because I have yet to see any crafted 264 gear hit the auction house as of last night. This just seems odd to me with the other materials being much cheaper now to get.

For all you auctioneers keep an eye on what is going on in the auction house. Many people are still using old pricing structures on many of these items and it would be wise to snatch those items up and resell them at a profit. For example last night I found a ton of eternal shadow at half price of what it was set at. It looked like someone just dumped the items on the auction house without checking the new prices.  It should be asy to make a killing in this market even if you weren’t completely back stocked on items by just flipping things from the people not up to date with what is really going on in the auction house.


2 Responses to “3.3.3 Results so far”

  1. Kraklin said

    I was expecting a bigger spike as well but it has been pretty tame on my server.

    Eternal fires – up from 15g to 20g
    didn’t check frost lotus change
    Titanium Bars – Up about 15%
    Herb Market – Adders/Lichbloom/Icethorn were completely wiped out.. nothing on the AH. 1 stack of lichbloom was going for 60g
    Essence of Fire/Gold Bars/Heart of Fire – up a lot from people making the engie pets.
    Frozen Orbs – Up to 25g minimum price, from 15-20g price.

    I’m still holding onto my investments to wait for prices to rise.. hopefully once the frozen orb reserved dry up so will the price of eternal fire and frozen orbs.

    Also there’s still some leftover auctions/stock from Monday night that people were buying through.. I’d expect prices to go up a lot more in the next 2 days.

    • kamiken1 said

      I never thought to check the low level materials for the engineer pets. Thanks for that tip. Eternal shadows are starting to fall back down to the normal range since the auction house is now flooded with all of the crafted cloth. Surprisingly all of the other eternals are still holding their higher value. I think it may be due to the fact that most tailors are shadowweave specialists on my server. I will probably take a good chunk of the eternal shadows and flip them over to my alchemist and turn them into gems so either way I should make good profit off the ones I bought up.

      I have still yet to see a single piece of crafted 264 gear on my server which I find odd now that many of the materials are no longer so scarce.

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