Everyone on the WOW blog sphere is currently going nuts one way or the other on the changes to raiding in Cataclysm. I want to take a step back from what it means to me and my guild and look at the economic scale of what this change means to the average person on the auction house.

Right now we have patterns and tradeskill items only dropping from the 25 man versions of content in WOTLK which puts a fairly good bottleneck on obtaining certain items for crafters. Come Cataclysm with the change that 10 and 25 man raiding content will share loot tables you are going to start seeing more of these items appear in the auction house. Of course you will still see new items and patterns start off at a high value for the first couple to appear in the auction house, but you will also see a quicker drop in price on these items then you do currently.  This will only be quicker if they continue with the same model of being able to use badges to buy the tradeskill mats required for the items that are limited to boss drops.

So in effect you will see things come into the auction house quicker with a quicker drop in price from raiding due to more accessibility for the masses.

It seems this past week was the breaking point for Primordial Saronite on my server. It had been sitting at a steady 1200g for a long time now over trade and a bit higher on the auction house. Over the weekend it was hitting 850-900g over trade and 1000g over the auction house and doesn’t look like the price is going to rise much over the week now that the crafters have gotten a taste of the cheaper prices. All of the major raiders have all the primordial saronites they could need at this point and we are at the point where even the casuals who just do the weekly and heroics every day have their 2-4 pieces of badge t10. This just means Primodial Saronite is going to start being fed into the economy at alarming rates soon. So welcome to the free fall of Primordial Saronite. At least parts for crafted gear is getting cheaper by the day though.

Well to be honest there has been nothing new as of recently other then a few mechanics changes in classes, which means there hasn’t been a whole lot to post on my end about the auction house.

In the last couple weeks the only thing that has happened is that primordial saronites are getting closer to the 1000g range and making the crafted items from them are getting cheaper. For those of you with patterns that know many of these items are great items for their slot, I would suggest you start cranking out 1-2 of them a week and make a healthy profit off them. I don’t see very many of them on my auction house currently, but they have been selling for more then double the material price recently. Just an example is the Hellforged Bonegrinders which are very nice plate dps boots. They have recently been selling for around 14-15k on my auction house. The material cost adds up to around 6k if you are a thrifty buyer. As you can see you are making an insane profit even if you were to undercut to 10kg.

Eternals are back down in pricing structure to what they used to be again so there is not a whole lot of profit to be made flipping those. Glyphs are still a strong investment. Enchanting mats are always a strong investment. Also now is a good time to start invest in low level crafting materials. Your best bet is to start stockpiling outlands materials. People level through that area so fast now that they are receiving very little cloth and very few green items to disenchant and this will be the stopping point for many people trying to level professions. With as much time as you have you should have bank tabs full of this stuff by the time Cataclysm rolls around. I would say a meager investment of around 30k should be a good bet.

Today I am going to take a step back and analyze what has been selling for me on the auction houses that I frequent. The main thing is that like normal tradeskill mats still rule the auction house for resale value.

The first thing that has been making me a healthy profit so far has been Ebonweave cloth. Why not the other cloths? Well I am not spec’d for those, but you can do this with any of the cloths if you wanted. Ebonweave also happens to be the cheapest of the 3 to make and provides the most profit on my server. Eternal Shadows run for around 10-13g per each one on my server, while eternal fire runs 25-35g, and eternal life runs around 16-18g. The infinite dust is around 90s per dust at this point and the cloth is 50s per cloth on my server. This gives us a cost for a person spec’d in that cloth mastery of (high end) – Ebonweave 14.4g, Spellweave 36.4g, and Moonweave 19.4g. Ebonweave and Moonweave are running around 30g per cloth at this time. Spellweave is around 45g at this time. Take these numbers we get a profit margin of – Ebonweave 15.6g, Moonweave 10.6g, Spellweave 8.6g per cloth.

The next item up on the list is Titansteel and everything it takes to make this item. Looking at the items in the list that is used to make this item we have Saronite Bars (transmute titanium bar) 30g per stack, Titanium Bar 15g per bar, Eternal Fire 25-35g, Eternal Shadow 10-13g, Eternal Earth 5g. Titansteel is currently selling for around 100g a bar still, which given the mats gives you a profit (high end spending) of 7g. Yuck if you spend on the high end because the auction house is going to take 5g per 100g off of you.

Your best bet is to find a transmute spec alchemist to get that cost down. By finding a transmute spec alchemist you can catch some procs on transmuting titanium bars from saronite bars. Cost on titanium bars this way is 12g per bar without procs. You can probably get this cost down to around 10g counting the procs. Another trick is if Frozen Orbs on your server are going for less then the cost of an eternal fire then you snap the orbs up and turn those in. Orbs are going between 25-30g on my server. With our new costs of 10g and 30g we can get the costs down to 78g per bar and a profit of 17g after we subtract the 5% cut of the auction house. This is a much better number then the last one.

As always the glyph market is profitable, but there has been a slow down in sales as people are starting to jump ship till Cataclysm. I would suggest keeping up normal production as possible so that you will be overstocked when Cataclysm comes out. As other bloggers have noticed that supply for herbs is starting to slow down as people get burnt out or farmers get banned since blizzard has a bit more time on their hands with a shrinking customer base.

As always keep an eye on Primordial Saronite. There was a small spike in price after 3.3.3 but nothing to be too noticeable for too long. This may change with the announcement that the only way to get the extra rewards from Arthas is to have a Shadowmourne wielder on the raid when you kill him.

In the auction houses of many servers that I have checked prices of Primordial Saronite have hit a new rock bottom low. They went from 1400g to the new low low cost of 100g. In addition there are now hundreds of them on auction houses all over WoW. Could this be the influence of a dupe bug from gold farmers?

For all those who need to buy Primordial Saronite I suggest doing so now while the prices are rock bottom and get to crafting those epics for huge cash flow!