Couple tips, but otherwise nothing new

April 20, 2010

Well to be honest there has been nothing new as of recently other then a few mechanics changes in classes, which means there hasn’t been a whole lot to post on my end about the auction house.

In the last couple weeks the only thing that has happened is that primordial saronites are getting closer to the 1000g range and making the crafted items from them are getting cheaper. For those of you with patterns that know many of these items are great items for their slot, I would suggest you start cranking out 1-2 of them a week and make a healthy profit off them. I don’t see very many of them on my auction house currently, but they have been selling for more then double the material price recently. Just an example is the Hellforged Bonegrinders which are very nice plate dps boots. They have recently been selling for around 14-15k on my auction house. The material cost adds up to around 6k if you are a thrifty buyer. As you can see you are making an insane profit even if you were to undercut to 10kg.

Eternals are back down in pricing structure to what they used to be again so there is not a whole lot of profit to be made flipping those. Glyphs are still a strong investment. Enchanting mats are always a strong investment. Also now is a good time to start invest in low level crafting materials. Your best bet is to start stockpiling outlands materials. People level through that area so fast now that they are receiving very little cloth and very few green items to disenchant and this will be the stopping point for many people trying to level professions. With as much time as you have you should have bank tabs full of this stuff by the time Cataclysm rolls around. I would say a meager investment of around 30k should be a good bet.


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