Primordial Saronite starting its free fall

April 26, 2010

It seems this past week was the breaking point for Primordial Saronite on my server. It had been sitting at a steady 1200g for a long time now over trade and a bit higher on the auction house. Over the weekend it was hitting 850-900g over trade and 1000g over the auction house and doesn’t look like the price is going to rise much over the week now that the crafters have gotten a taste of the cheaper prices. All of the major raiders have all the primordial saronites they could need at this point and we are at the point where even the casuals who just do the weekly and heroics every day have their 2-4 pieces of badge t10. This just means Primodial Saronite is going to start being fed into the economy at alarming rates soon. So welcome to the free fall of Primordial Saronite. At least parts for crafted gear is getting cheaper by the day though.


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