Cataclysm raids and the Economic changes that could appear with it

April 27, 2010

Everyone on the WOW blog sphere is currently going nuts one way or the other on the changes to raiding in Cataclysm. I want to take a step back from what it means to me and my guild and look at the economic scale of what this change means to the average person on the auction house.

Right now we have patterns and tradeskill items only dropping from the 25 man versions of content in WOTLK which puts a fairly good bottleneck on obtaining certain items for crafters. Come Cataclysm with the change that 10 and 25 man raiding content will share loot tables you are going to start seeing more of these items appear in the auction house. Of course you will still see new items and patterns start off at a high value for the first couple to appear in the auction house, but you will also see a quicker drop in price on these items then you do currently.  This will only be quicker if they continue with the same model of being able to use badges to buy the tradeskill mats required for the items that are limited to boss drops.

So in effect you will see things come into the auction house quicker with a quicker drop in price from raiding due to more accessibility for the masses.


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