M.I.A. aka testing stuff

May 11, 2010

I haven’t posted in a while currently because there isn’t a lot I am able to post at this time. I am in the process of testing a certain expansion to a very popular game and am trying to help them find bugs and other in game issues to help iron things out for others.

My next step when it is up and running is to test out the tradeskills of this game and see what changes are being made to it. When I am able to report back on this stuff in the future expect a lot more posts. I should have some more information soon with the new patch hitting the ptr realm as well on what will be going on with tradeskill mats and gear.

Oh quick tip for those out there who like fairly easy money. Buy up your bloodstones and chalcedony cheap off the auction house (1.5g or less) and eternal earths (5g or less) and turn them into rings and depending on prices either sell them to vendors or sell the dust, which ever produces better results for you. Just doing this I have made a few thousand gold with very little effort other then pressing create all and coming back in 10 mins to sell the product to the vendor.


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