Guildie asks how to make money in guild chat, responses to question

May 14, 2010

I had a guild member asking the best way to make money in guild chat yesterday and I figured this would make a great post.

He has a level 80 dk and a level 80 rogue. His DK has the professions of skinning and mining(150) and his rogue is a max level leather worker and a skinner. His problem was he needs 4000 gold for whatever. Now I have plenty of gold and I could have just lent him the gold and been done with it, but he never would have learned why some things are better done 1 way and not another.

He asks in guild chat what professions would make him a bunch of gold fast and which of his professions he should drop to make this money. To me this seems like a backwards proposition since he needs money fast. Of course my lesser informed guildmates inform him of different professions that will make him money such as jewelcrafting and enchanting. Then we get a comment that just made my head spin. One of my guildmates informs him that enchanting is garbage for making money. What???? Are you insane sir? I had to argue that point because that is the most false statement I have seen ever. I informed him of how much money I have made off enchanting in the past year. He figured this was just from the beginning of WOTLK that I was able to make this money. I am guessing he never heard of the saronite shuffle so I explained that to him. Break saronite to gems, make rings, de rings, sell mats, Profit! He goes on by telling me its really jewelcrafting making the money. Somehow the DE rings part and sell mats seemed  to slip past him, but he did inform me with his logic that inscription makes a bunch of money and its not because of herbalism. So what you are telling me is that in one area the profession that is creating the finished process is responsible for the profit and the other profession who creates another finished product to sell is not the one that makes money. I believe we have a major flaw here in your logic sir. You can’t argue with stubborn people who are oblivious so this is where that conversation ended and it switched to private tells to the person who actually needed the money right away.

First thing he does is start asking question about how he is going to level enchanting. Whoa whoa whoa pal, you need money quick and you are thinking about spending 3k gold to level a profession that won’t pay off for a few weeks when you are already perfectly setup to make money now? I found out he has low level mining which is fine for making money and its how I made money quickly on my starting dk on another server. I told him to check prices on tin, copper, and bronze. The basic trick is to buy tin and copper cheap then combine it into bronze and sell the bronze… make tons on the weekend with this trick. Also I told him to start going out mining and leveling it up and sell everything you mine on the auction house. He could easily make 4-5k gold in a week just doing this a few hours a night and he wouldn’t have to worry about releveling a profession he doesnt even have the money to do with at this point.

Oh if you are wondering I also answered his question on start out with the enchanting just incase he wanted to level it in the future. I told him to start making low level items on his leatherworker then de them for the mats. If you already have a crafter high enough to make the low end stuff it makes it a lot easier and cheaper most of the time to level enchanting. I also highly suggest not starting out with enchanting unless you are able to do this. Double up on the gathering professions on your first character and grind them up to level as you go and sell everything you get and you will be rolling in the money while you level in no time.


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