So lets make someone famous

July 12, 2010

I took my nice break from wow and came back with very little desire at this point to do auction house stuff. Mainly this is because things have slowed down so much on the server due to people taking time off that I don’t want to waste my time for such little profit. That and I am only logging in 2-3 times a week at this point because of so much to do during the summer months. The times I do log in for are pretty much dedicated to raiding. Last night though I decided to make an exception and log in early for a raid and figured I would do a heroic for kicks and giggles.

This is where I made my first mistake. I que up my way overgeared DK tank and get my instant que. Oh joy heroic Old Kingdom. I also end up in a group of 4 people from the same guild on my server. I have no clue who these people from Paradox are because I have never heard of their guild and it looks like they are pretty much just geared in random t10 badge gear. I begin my pulls and things go smoothly until the first room with the spellflingers. Our friendly neighborhood moonkin thinks its a great idea to use starfall in this tightly packed area after I try and pull everything over on the right side into a small area to avoid some packs. Instead we get the whole room about the time I have 0 runes open and have to use empowered rune weapon to try and get agro on all the extra crap that is now on me. Needless to say said moonkin dies and my healer dies pretty quickly, but since I overgear all this junk and know how to interrupt spellflingers (the rest of the group had no clue) we clear the whole room. Rez’s were done and off we go again to the next area where you think the moonkin would have learned his lesson with starfall and tight spaces. Nope he wanders right on down to me again and starfalls and pulls this whole room too and I let him die again and clean up his mess. At this point he starts bitching about 2 pulls and 2 deaths. I inform him that maybe he should learn the proper time to use starfall and if he doesn’t feel the need to he can continue to die.

This is exactly the point where group relations go very very wrong. Of course they start off by calling me bad because I could pull the whole room and 1 time and live but I don’t feel the need to. 4v1 isn’t a very fun fight to have anyways. I make a few more pulls before the first real boss of the instance because I already skipped one, while they continue to berate me. I finally had enough of listening to them so up pops the ignore function for the group and the comment of, “Well if you don’t like it just kick me” which is followed by a teleport out of the dungeon. Now here is the part where they must be kickaholics because they are unable to kick me, which means they probably enjoy harassing lots of people. This began the sit in group in Dalaran for 20 mins while chatting with my guild and waiting for the raid in ICC. They made their moonkin flip to bear to muddle their way through to tank for them. I have to say it was amusing to watch their healer die another time and to pop in when they thought they were going to beat on the end boss. I say thought because I was looking for the tell tale signs of shadow crashes to inform me when they got to the end boss area. Zoned back in had some fun with insanity, as in I didn’t see anything but they sure saw me, which reset the encounter I found out. Sat there for 5 more mins then left group so they would be able to finish the encounter. I am sure there was a lot of rage, since I saw some banter about me in trade chat after for all of 30 seconds before talk became of hello kitty again.

I of course had to look up their guild on Guildox to see if they had done anything ever….and no they hadn’t. Didn’t see them near the top 200 guilds on the server for 10 man or 25 man. Oh well just some griefers who got griefed this time. No big loss here I really don’t need the 2 frost badges since between 2 80’s I have 550 of the things. Probably about time I turned em all into boe gear.


One Response to “So lets make someone famous”

  1. Denethal said

    Some people believe they are the center of the universe, along with their friends. In their own eyes, everyone else is no-lifers and treat them as such, as they themselves are too cool to be such a thing.

    They are also the ones who complained enough to introduce the concept welfare-epics. 🙂

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