Unable to transfer

July 30, 2010

Well for the past 2 weeks I have been trying to concoct a plan to move my level 60 rogue over to a basic account from my main account. I figured this would be a simple process of removing an expansion from an account and then transferring. Apparently this is not the case and it is impossible to do.

The whole process started because I want to play my level 60 twink rogue in AV and not level, but Blizzard’s system won’t allow me to do that because when you turn off experience you are bumped to a whole different que to play in. Since no one is in this que you can’t do anything so this whole process is pointless to do. So the whole plan was to get my rogue to a basic account so that it would be impossible to level above level 60 and I could still play in AV like I wanted to do.

So I started off with the great plan on possibly hijacking a friends account that did not have any expansions on it. Then I realized that this wouldn’t help me at all because it was not an account in my name.

The next thing was I realized I had a dead account I haven’t used in months and just had BC on it. So I went about looking for a way to remove BC off this account and then transferring my level 60 to that account to play in AV. You are unable to remove expansions off of an account so I made a quick call (as in waiting 60 minutes to speak with someone) to Blizzard support. I told them the reasons for me wanting to remove the expansion from my account and they said that they normally can’t remove an expansion from an account unless it had only been 30 days. That account has had the expansion for over 2 years. Fortunately Stephanie at Blizzard who was a great customer service rep did some talking to some people and they were able to remove the expansion from the account. Hurray for me I got the impression I could now move my character over and reinstate the account.

So I reinstate the account the next day and get prepared to move my character over to that account. Instead of being able to move the character I get the error that it requires the WOTLK expansion to be on that account. Well that is pretty bogus in my opinion so I give another call to customer service. I receive Jennifer this time who takes a look at my account when I tell her what I am trying to do and informs me that it is impossible to do unless I fully downgrade my main account or fully upgrade my other account. The other bad news would be that I would have all my other characters locked if I did the full downgrade.

This seems absolutely silly since the character I am trying to move falls under the parameters of being able to play under basic wow. So now I have a level locked 60 rogue that I can’t play the way I want and no way to move it to an account to allow me to do this. Overall I am a bit disappointed in the way the system works and they should allow us to toggle expansions for this type of transfer for the few people who want to play a certain way. Or they could just do away with the whole people who locked their exp being dumped into a different que and solve this problem.


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