Basic Gold Making

June 1, 2010

Over the last week I have had a number of questions/complaints from guild mates wondering how they can make gold. I have heard some of the most outrageous claims ever in guild chat, vent, and whispers. I have heard everything from “Tailoring, Enchanting, Inscription, etc. etc. make no money” to “I’ll never have any gold, its impossible.” All of these things make me want to go find a brick wall and start bashing my head against it. Heck even engineers can make a decent living on the auction house and they have a pretty poor prospect for making money off other players.

So its time to get back to basics for some people. I just want to start by saying EVERY crafting or gathering profession is able to make enough gold eventually to hit gold cap. This means  that if everyone wanted to they could eventually hit gold cap. This could even be done with very little effort.

This first thing you need to do when starting your journey with your professions is to determine your market/markets. Are you going to cater to the levelers of professions or are you going to supply those raiders every night during the week. Without this knowledge you will fail. You don’t just walk out your door one day and say I am going to make $3000 dollars today with no idea on how you will do that. You do so with a plan in mind and that should be the first thing you do when you want to make a ton of gold.

So now you have a plan even if it is “I am going to farm Sholazhar Basin until my eyes bleed and sell everything I get to the high end crafters.” Well then it is now time to implement it. If  you chose the farming method, well get cracking those herbs/nodes won’t farm themselves and I need mats cause I like my time. If you chose the other route then its time to start investing. Notice I didn’t say spending. We don’t spend in the wonderful world of Make Gold Land, we only invest here. So you have a list of items that are must invest in because that is how you are going to make money, but did you do your research on how much those mats are going to cost you? If not go back to figuring out your plan because you have to know what those mats are going to cost you throughout the week because you are going to be in it for the long haul.

Ok so step 1 and step 2 are done. We have a plan and we have invested in our future by purchasing materials to create stuff with. We get cracking at our preferred location of crafting and crank out a ton of the product we are going to sell. With that finished we walk up to the auction house and start posting like crazy! WAIT!!!!! WHAT???? NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Instead you want to go to the auction house and post a few of those precious items up for a 24 hour period and gauge what happens to see what our friendly competitors are doing or maybe you already did this part in your planning session (good for you).

If you haven’t done this then you are probably wondering why we are doing this. You have all this merchandise and you need to offload it in a hurry so you can be rich. Well unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way. You have to work around what people are buying and what your competitors are doing. You could go and post your whole batch on the auction house and just have it undercut for the next 48 hours by 30 silver and never see a dime out of all the stuff. Post 3-5 of each separate item and get a feel for the market. If stuff is flying off the shelf post more on your next posting and keep doing this until you reach a saturation point. If you have a particularly nasty competitor you may have to figure out what their thresholds are to be able to combat them. Make sure you always account for the 5% auction house cut when posting. You don’t want to think that you are making 5g on an item and really you are making -1g.

Eventually you will become comfortable with your market and want to expand. Always keep the simple rules in effect though. Plan, invest, produce. There is a market for everything out there on the auction house, including Rune Thread, Eternium Thread, and Ice Cold Milk.

Oh some simple tips for those just starting out to make a bit of gold right away.

Mining – Make Bronze bars and sell them on the auction house

Blacksmithing – Eternal Belt Buckles

Jewelcrafting – Cut epic quality gems and sell or create simple jewelry out of uncommon WOTLK gems (1.5g or lower per gem and eternal earth 5g or lower)  and sell to the vendors

Enchanting – sell scrolls with enchants on them or de greens and sell mats

Tailoring – Spellthreads still sell really well or netherweave bags

Engineering – Make pets or sell harder to come by engineering leveling items

Leatherworking – Still in business with leg patches

Herbalism – Start farming. (really I need my herbs)

Inscription – Armor and Weapon Vellums make an easy way to get into this business if you are just starting out

Skinning – Back to farming for you

Now get out there and go for the gold!


Today I am going to take a step back and analyze what has been selling for me on the auction houses that I frequent. The main thing is that like normal tradeskill mats still rule the auction house for resale value.

The first thing that has been making me a healthy profit so far has been Ebonweave cloth. Why not the other cloths? Well I am not spec’d for those, but you can do this with any of the cloths if you wanted. Ebonweave also happens to be the cheapest of the 3 to make and provides the most profit on my server. Eternal Shadows run for around 10-13g per each one on my server, while eternal fire runs 25-35g, and eternal life runs around 16-18g. The infinite dust is around 90s per dust at this point and the cloth is 50s per cloth on my server. This gives us a cost for a person spec’d in that cloth mastery of (high end) – Ebonweave 14.4g, Spellweave 36.4g, and Moonweave 19.4g. Ebonweave and Moonweave are running around 30g per cloth at this time. Spellweave is around 45g at this time. Take these numbers we get a profit margin of – Ebonweave 15.6g, Moonweave 10.6g, Spellweave 8.6g per cloth.

The next item up on the list is Titansteel and everything it takes to make this item. Looking at the items in the list that is used to make this item we have Saronite Bars (transmute titanium bar) 30g per stack, Titanium Bar 15g per bar, Eternal Fire 25-35g, Eternal Shadow 10-13g, Eternal Earth 5g. Titansteel is currently selling for around 100g a bar still, which given the mats gives you a profit (high end spending) of 7g. Yuck if you spend on the high end because the auction house is going to take 5g per 100g off of you.

Your best bet is to find a transmute spec alchemist to get that cost down. By finding a transmute spec alchemist you can catch some procs on transmuting titanium bars from saronite bars. Cost on titanium bars this way is 12g per bar without procs. You can probably get this cost down to around 10g counting the procs. Another trick is if Frozen Orbs on your server are going for less then the cost of an eternal fire then you snap the orbs up and turn those in. Orbs are going between 25-30g on my server. With our new costs of 10g and 30g we can get the costs down to 78g per bar and a profit of 17g after we subtract the 5% cut of the auction house. This is a much better number then the last one.

As always the glyph market is profitable, but there has been a slow down in sales as people are starting to jump ship till Cataclysm. I would suggest keeping up normal production as possible so that you will be overstocked when Cataclysm comes out. As other bloggers have noticed that supply for herbs is starting to slow down as people get burnt out or farmers get banned since blizzard has a bit more time on their hands with a shrinking customer base.

As always keep an eye on Primordial Saronite. There was a small spike in price after 3.3.3 but nothing to be too noticeable for too long. This may change with the announcement that the only way to get the extra rewards from Arthas is to have a Shadowmourne wielder on the raid when you kill him.

In the auction houses of many servers that I have checked prices of Primordial Saronite have hit a new rock bottom low. They went from 1400g to the new low low cost of 100g. In addition there are now hundreds of them on auction houses all over WoW. Could this be the influence of a dupe bug from gold farmers?

For all those who need to buy Primordial Saronite I suggest doing so now while the prices are rock bottom and get to crafting those epics for huge cash flow!

The crash is over

October 20, 2009

Well it seemed that a few people have left the glyph market that I have been crashing and prices are starting to creep back up. This was a good time for me to reset my fallback up to 25g and my undercut to 50s.

Prices on herbs also crashed in the past few days which I assume from people leaving the market at an alarming rate. I started to pick up adder’s tongues for 13.5g a stack.  Normally I would see people sucking these up faster then I could keep the price at 17g a stack. Snowfall inks are now down to 9g an ink and if they go much lower I may have to suck em all up and make cards out of them or make runescrolls of fortitude.

I have left the saronite shuffle to others for the time being because I have been pressed for time lately and inscription is making me enough money so that I don’t have to worry about it at this time.

This is just a short update for my records and I will have a real article up later today.

New markets

September 1, 2009

So I finally got my baby shaman to level 65 so I could max out jewelcrafting and inscription. As many other auction house bloggers have stated inscription is insane money if you are willing to put the work into it. Right now I am pretty scattershot with it but am making great money at this time. I have about 20 cards created so far and no complete decks at this time.  I have ended up making 3 4 of nobles though which have made me a handy profit since that is the difficult card to get on my server.

Jewelcrafting is also making me a great profit at this time.  I have been busting down copious amounts of Saronite ore at 15g or below per stack and selling the uncut blue gems on the ah, while nabbing up a bunch of cheap eternal earth and turning all of that into jewelry which I then de on my DK for dusts and essence.  Over all 1000g with this method turns into about 2000-3000g quick quickly depending on the luck of the blue gems.  I think this method is by far the most time consuming taking up about 45 minutes of my time but it can be 1000g – 2000g an hours worth of gold.

With all of this going on my shaman’s bank looks like the publishers clearing house for jewelcrafting.  I am going to need to separate my shaman from the main guild and make an alt guild so I have more space fairly soon.  I am sure this will be a shock to my current guild but I really need the space since I don’t want to flood the market with all the supplies that I have sitting around at this time.

On another note I need to fish through Grevlon’s site for inscription mods to help me keep track of all this craziness.  I am so unorganized with my inscription work it is not funny and now I know why certain things are necessary to make insane profit on this profession.

Auction House Day1

August 11, 2009

The goal of this blog is to keep track of my antics on the auction house and possibly some information on my raiding fun in my casual guild.

I am a bit behind where I wanted to start this blog so I am actually going to dump a week + worth of posts that I have been keeping track of via a word document. So here it goes.

Day 1 – buying cheep green and blues for enchanting supplies on Kamishi

Average intake on dust at current undercutting price is 3g per dust

Average intake on shards is 14.5g at current undercut

Did not sell any essences

Do not buy any green over 8.5g to break even or to make a profit

Do not buy any blue over 10g to make a profit

Ignore all epics currently

 Goal – 20k gold in 2 months

 Day 2 – Tips presented today: Craft Netherweave bags

                                                Craft Cloak of Crimson Snow

                                                Craft Azure and Shining Spellthreads

                                                Craft 28 Slot Warlock bags

                                                Bolts of Imbued Frostweave

Codes to use

/auctioneer percentless (60% below market value – profit!)
/auctioneer bidbroker
/auctioneer compete  

 Tonight was much better in terms of figuring out what is going on in the community of my server.  Netherweave bags are making a 40%-80% profit margin from buying up all the netherweave on the AH for 5g and under. Started in on the Imbued Frostweave market, no sales today on that.  Started leveling my jewelcrafting on my alt. Its amazing how you can make back the money you spend on ore just from prospecting. I got all the gems I needed for the night and made money.  So with the bank account of 660g and about 300g in mats I am up over 1800g today between the 3 chars.

 Day 3 – People are dumb. Making money from people putting stuff on ah for under vendor price seems silly, but it happens. So far only had time to scan 1 time in the morning and 1 time when I get home each day, going to try to up that to 3 this weekend minimum.

 The enchanting market seems very volatile and very hard to make a profit out of. I could probably squeeze a profit from doing scrolls but that is just cumbersome and annoying. I might have to stockpile until this weekend and next week when many people are going to be doing the new content and regearing.

 Wee lunch time at the office produced some amazing results. Netherweave stacks going for well under what I am willing to pay for them. 2.3g a stack for around 20 stacks. Now I am going to turn around and make those into Netherweave bags and sell them at the ah for 9g a bag. So I stand to make 5.8g a bag after ah cut. 200% profit! Now mind you 100g a day is not a great profit but that is not even 10 mins of me paying attention other then to type in netherweave cloth. The rest of the time was me turning all this cloth into bolts and going to get a pizza while that was going on.  Tin ore seems to be high on the market so prospecting that is not profitable yet. I think I may have to log in my other account to start mining that soon so I can level my jewelcrafting a bit faster on my shaman. Speaking of which today is start to level shaman to 65 day then find a port to dalaran to master out jewelcrafting and make some real cash when the patch hits.  Speaking of which I should be changing over my Shaman from enchanting to Inscription soon to also work the card market.

 Days 4 + 5

 Well I am well over 4k gold and I have around 1k gold in items waiting to move. The Arcane Dust Market got flooded this weekend so I will be unable to move any of that for a while, but I will keep picking up items and DEing them for mats.  I need to run Karazhan and Mag Terrace on a regular basis for void crystals. Mongoose enchants are selling like they are going out of style.  I sold 3 this weekend alone. Trying to level mining and jewelcrafting has been a nightmare. Next up is inscription to level.

 So far my Horde experiment is going well, unfortunately pets are not selling worth anything on that side. Low level materials are selling like hot cakes though.  It seems the Horde have much smarter people or just that the population is so low on my server that things aren’t selling as fast. I am looking to start moving horde only pets over to alliance side soon.\

 Day 6

 Seems I am being undercut in the netherweave bag business a bit and people are snapping up my chanting mats lately.  My mongoose enchants should sell this week easy so I need to stock up on those big time. I got to 351 jewelcrafting tonight so it is time to level to 65 in a hurry now and get to dalaran asap.  Then we grind jewelcrafting to as high as it takes to break down ore for mats.  Paying people to run me through instances. I am doing Slave Pens 1 more time now that I can nab the quest and then doing underbog to finish the quest for extra exp.  I bought a pet from someone for 600g and am selling it for over 1kg. I also bought 3 frozen orbs for 60g and am selling them for 80g. If that doesn’t pan out I will make leg armor kits out of them from a local leatherworker.  Overall good day.

 Day 7

 Patch day is here and there is much money to be had. Time to park a few characters in the spots where the rare raptor pets drop and go nuts farming.  I am hoping to make a good 4-8k off raptor pet farming for a while this week if I get lucky.  Enchanting should do well this week and if I get my shaman to 65 I should make oodles of money on gems. Also transmuting time for my druid J  Checking on lunch to see if I can log into wow yet to set characters up for farming.

 Auctioneer was borked for a bit and it was hard to do any dedicated auctioning. The fight over netherweave bags begins. I can drop my prices pretty low on the bags and still make a good profit since I keep at a certain pricing for buying cloth. I should be able to stop who ever it is from undercutting heavy.  That or they start buying up my stock and I start making money hand over fist on them with just a small cut in my profit margin.  Seems the disenchant setup is starting to dry up a bit as well. I will nab up what I can when I see it but I need a new stream of income soon.

 Day 8

 Seems my attempt at a new stream of income is going to be coming from rare raptor pets if I can ever get into an instance.  Unfortunately running the new heroics is going to kill my earning money off pets.  Though I might be able to run my paladin to the areas in wailing caverns if I can ever zone into the place. For right now I am staying far away from the epic gem market till it settles a bit. Prices are way down as people mow through ore and burn all their badges on the new gems.  I might be able to get some of the gems for cheap for right now and sell them higher later when supply dries up.

 Spent 1k gold today on gems because I am too lazy to go hunt down a jewelcrafter. I think it actually might be time to stockpile these cheap epic gems for when the supply runs out this weekend.  I might be able to make some serious cash on this. So we have a couple undercutters in the ah on my netherweave bags. I did have a fairly good monopoly on those things but it seems someone is jumping into my business and I am going to have to put them down in a harsh way.  I am still making money hand over fist by undercutting them by a few silver since I buy the mats on the cheap.  I would think the people with all the netherweave in the ah for 5gold would realize that it isn’t really selling at that price and keep it in the range where I would pick it up.  Ah well time to make back the gold I spent last night and see what happens.

 Day 9

 Server down this morning and then when it came back up the auction house was getting errors again.  Looks like lunch time to go check the ah and see what deals I can pick up.

Well that is all for today and will update tomorrow with some raid fun since tonight is raid night.